Divination has been practiced across the globe over millennia, with tools that have helped many cultures gain an understanding of their world, their environment and themselves. While there are a variety of tools that have stood the test of time, new tools are being developed, with the underlying intention of making the art of divination accessible, relatable and inclusive for all.

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, we shift into a new and magical portal called Creators Corner, where I sit down with fabulous creators and visionaries of divination tools. 

Two highly creative cosmic creatures are featured in this episode: Chris-Anne and Krystal Banner. Chris-Anne is an artist, marketing strategist, and the creatrix behind wildly popular decks like Light Seer’s Tarot, The Muse Tarot, Sacred Creators Oracle and The Tarot of Curious Creatures. Krystal Banner is an artist, author, former engineer and the creative mastermind behind highly popular decks like Absolute Affirmations, Kaleidadope Tarot, Love on the Record, The Price of Love Oracle and Life is Like a Board Game Tarot.

In both of these conversations, we speak about falling deeply into your creative power, following your passion and heeding to the magickal spark within when it comes to creating new divination tools.

In this Episode with Chris-Anne, We Talk About:

  • Discovering divination at a young age one summer while exploring her Aunt’s mystical, magical bookshelf
  • Creating her first tarot deck using a vintage guidebook from a used bookstore
  • The Evolution of tarot through The Light Seer’s deck & creating with healing intent and a compassionate tone
  • Sacred Creator’s Oracle & Helping entrepreneurs build their passions
  • The process of creating oracle decks & channeling the sacred vocabulary
  • Utilizing a graphic design background to create stunning digital artwork
  • Branding in Magic: Creating with intention, mindset and sigil magic
  • Coming into alignment with magic & overcoming judgment in the modern day business setting
  • Creating a deck from the comfort zone vs. creating a deck from the uncomfortable wild & free zone
  • Personified Inspiration: finding inspiration through someone that deeply resonates with your exact motivations, reasons and drive to create
  • The length of of time it takes to create card decks
  • The challenges of burnout and being okay with not creating
  • Pull a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Chris-Anne!

In this Episode with Krystal Banner, We Talk About:

  • “Time to Go”: Shifting from a career as an engineer to artist, writer & card deck creator
  • Creating Absolute Affirmations as a cheerleader for myself and others to heal
  • Embracing the Woo & helping others who struggle with the invisible, intangible, unknown & uncertainty
  • The invitation to go deeper and find your own meaning with language, words & art
  • Inspiration & timeline on Life is Like a Board Game Tarot
  • The Krystal Banner Style: Diversity in approach, color, design, energy & messaging
  • Music as a Muse & How the Ancient Greeks used sound as Oracle messages + Using color as a Muse to fuel creativity
  • Krystal’s advice for a new deck creator
  • Defining your ‘why’ & Intention Setting
  • Removing Barriers & Understand Your Vision
  • Finding the synergies with your collaborators and artists
  • Art is SO Powerful & Trust Yourself
  • Be You: ‘Nobody can make decks like you can make decks’
  • Krystal’s upcoming deck… Signs of the Times Oracle Deck!
  • Pull a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Krystal Banner!

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