Our human experience is bursting with a myriad of experiences, and even though we don’t come into life with a manual, if we’re paying attention, we are offered cosmic breadcrumbs and signs from above to help us navigate. Yet, how often do we give the Universe permission to lead and guide us with full trust? Do we honor or override the feminine whispers and wisdom that we all have access to?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with my cosmic twin, the divine Alana Fairchild. Described as a publishing phenomenon, Alana is an Australian creative visionary, spiritual artist and beloved author. Her diverse and original body of work includes over 55 published titles from books and oracle cards, to meditations and music.  In addition to offering courses, Alana also has a vast and eclectic global online community.  

In this conversation, we speak about the divine feminine, creativity as a ritual, and riding the cosmic wave of life!


***This episode contains raw and vulnerable content about personal violations, mention of alcohol and drug usage, as well as salty language from two wonderful mystical pirates. A heads-up that this content might not be suitable for all audience members, especially children. 

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • A little Star Being: Alana’s upbringing in Sydney, Australia & connecting with nature
  • Playing by the rules: Growing up with anxiety/depression, fitting in & dialing down 
  • From a law degree to Cosmic Law: Turning the light switch back on
  • My first card reading and the beginnings of spiritual passions
  • Divination systems including Runes, Tarot, Palmistry and more! 
  • The Divine Feminine: reconnecting to creative expression, body, dance, music & color
  • ‘You’re too much in your head’ & deep grounding back into the home of the room body
  • The Divine Chaos: trusting the beautiful higher order of life
  • Being obsessively creative & flourishing 
  • Alana’s creative process: following the Cosmic breadcrumbs & cooking inside the Divine Mother’s kitchen
  • Trust your soul like you trust what your body needs to eat for lunch
  • Accessing the Divine Feminine’s sense of strength and honesty
  • Peddling with the Cosmic Wave: Just being, not fixing, balance & the art of surrender
  • Multiplicity: Weaving it all together and choosing not just one, but all passions 
  • Alana’s latest Atlantean & Lemurian projects 
  • Being a cosmic child of the universe & vibing with different star systems
  • Pulling a card from Mother Mary Oracle with Colette Baron-Reid & Alana Fairchild!
  • The music that we can create together when we are in harmony…

Episode Resources

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Episode Bonus Content

  • Have you been to a spiritual event that turned out to be a bummer?
  • Alana’s bucket list & Turkish Soap Operas
  • If you can sing a duet with someone, who would it be and why?

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