Everything in our Wooniverse is composed of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies, and that includes our bodies. We’ve heard of low vibes and high vibes, and that if we are continually vibrating at low frequencies we can become susceptible to creating physical ailments and disease. Given how intertwined our physical and energetic bodies are, one way to raise your vibration is through the channeling of universal life force AKA Energy Medicine. Yet, what is Energy Medicine and can anyone use these techniques?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with the joyous Donna Eden: a pioneer in the field of holistic healing and one of the world’s most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Donna’s had clairvoyant-like abilities to see the body’s energies since she was a child, went on to develop a system for teaching others and has taught some 50,000+ people worldwide.

In this conversation, we speak about the nine energy systems, some of Donna’s most popular techniques and healing ourselves and others.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • ‘I was twenty years old when I found out the whole world could not see energy like I did’
  • Growing up and seeing people’s auras, the bands around their energy fields & life colors
  • Seeing cancer, depression, anger in people’s fields and wanting to tell them
  • Donna’s first husband threatening to commit her for being able to see energy
  • My own healing journey: ‘Five doctors told me I wasn’t going to live’ & healing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), allergies & asthma through trial and error energy healing 
  • Leaving behind husband #1 and becoming an energy healer and trainer
  • Teaching people how to absorb the positive energy instead of the negative & how to move energies through their bodies
  • Healing Mom’s Tuberculosis (TB) by taking it on and moving it out
  • Energy Medicine Boot Camp: The blessing of illness & learning how to heal through being sick
  • The Wind Points: The places on your body where energy gets in – like leaving a window open and needing to close it
  • Muscle testing vs. Energy Testing 
  • The Figure Eight Technique, Repairing the Aura & Healing her daughter’s blood clot illness by tracing the figure eight around the hospital room walls 
  • The Nine Basic Energy Systems
    • Meridians: Pathways in the body each governing and animating different organs
    • Chakras: Seven Spirals in your body where your stories are held
    • Aura: Your invisible space suit that allows you to be on planet Earth
    • Basic Grid: Your foundational energy grid
    • Celtic Weave: Weaves your soul and spirit with your physical body
    • The Five Rhythms: The five elements (fire, earth, water, wood, metal) in your system; how someone moves
    • The Triple Warmer: Relieving the fight-or-flight-or-freeze response & how auto-immune disease is affected by an evolved triple warmer; healing a criminal who had a triple warmer issue instead of sending him to jail
    • The Radiant Circuits: Underneath your levels of stress is your birthright to live in hope and wonder; healing collective suspicion
    • The Electrics: A bridge between the energies and the physical body; Colette’s story of getting a shock underneath her nose that healed her leg; and the Microcosmic Orbit
  • Healing Vertigo & ‘The Hook Up’ Method
  • Pulling a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Donna Eden!
  • Talk about the Future: Consciousness is rising and after every plague there is a Renaissance!
  • Being the Love

Episode Resources

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Episode Bonus Content

  • Unscrambled: Donna’s favorite energy routine for herself 
  • Parents Rejoice! Energy medicine & routines for kids 🙂
  • Donna dabbles in different books and loves Ed Sheeran
  • Constant Joy and Youth: How do you do it Donna?!
  • Where do you think our energy goes after we die?

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