Did you know that our dreams can be used for personal development? Dream theorist and Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, suggested that our dreams give us honest portrayals of who we really are and can offer glimpse and visions of possibilities for the future. Our dreams really have all of the ingredients needed for supreme transformation and self-actualization!

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with Machiel Klerk: dream expert, licensed mental health therapist, author, social entrepreneur and founder of both the Jung Society of Utah – and Jung Platform. Fascinated by ancient and modern healing traditions, Machiel has traveled all over the globe, studying dream technologies and techniques with dream therapists, Shamans, and Jungian analysts alike.

In this conversation, we speak about ways to see beyond this world, connecting to the soul through our dreams, and a special technique Machiel teaches to ask for and receive guidance from our dreams.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Encountering the Dream World through internal despair after losing his father and finding solutions in a magical supportive dream realm & introduction to Carl Jung
  • World travels, education and understanding the nature of the dream realty
  • Divination Tools & Ancient Dream Traditions 
  • Working with the I Ching to unravel uncertainty, resistance & stuck phases 
  • Machiel translates Colette’s dream about eating potato chips!
  • Machiel goes to South Africa to learn from an Indigenous Sangoma Healer & Throwing the Bones
  • Inviting Spirit to be Present: Rituals that merge the two worlds of Reality & Dreams
  • Dream Integration and how to relate to your dreams in waking life
  • Machiel’s lucid dream about Carl Jung & how he came to create a Jung Society in Utah with over 150 programs (i.e. The Shadow, Archetypes, Karma, Dream Incubation, etc.)
  • What is Dream Incubation? Real life examples & the five step process
  • Machiel’s favorite dream ritual for connecting to the Other World
  • Dream Technology: Embodied Imagination & Healing Nightmares
  • Pull a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Machiel Klerk!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Machiel’s Most Unusual Talent
  • Eating poisonous spiders in Cambodia… 
  • Machiel’s hypothetical autobiography
  • Immortal Superpowers & Weird Superstitions!
  • Birds. Finches. Crows. Pigeons. More Pigeons.

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Bonus Content

  • Colette, Connie & Machiel discuss childhood tantrums

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