What is the essence of feminine energy? While there are many definitions, can we all agree that the feminine energy channel represents life itself? Creativity? Chaos? Fertility? Love? All of the above and much more?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ Lisa Lister. She is an artist, psychotherapeutic coach, somatic movement practitioner and author of six books – including ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’, ‘Witch’ and her latest book – ‘Self Sorce-ery’. Lisa is also a well-woman and womb yoga therapist, womb and rhythmic massage practitioner and offers support, guidance, tools and counsel to women who are exploring, navigating and wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, sex, creativity, spirituality, pleasure and passion. 

In this conversation we talk about self-expression, the pelvis as a second skull and exploring self-sourcery.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Exploring her magical gifts through the wisdom of her Nan & family Irish & Romani traveler lineage… “I think I’m the first one in the family not to live in a caravan!”
  • Trying to fit in with society, off to University & the challenges of conforming to the ‘norm’
  • Losing my voice & ability to speak, disconnecting from my body, living way up in my head and overcoming powerlessness
  • Finding pockets of safety, opening up the throat for self-expression & speaking from deep truths from the belly 
  • The pelvis as the second skull & the gorgeous cauldron of potential  
  • The womb space as a medicine bowl to alchemize creation
  • Womb wisdom for the inclusive community
  • What is a Witch? & healing the Witch Hunts Wound
  • What is Self-Sourcery… emphasis on Source!
  • Filling up your life with your own Divinity 
  • Pull an oracle card with Colette Baron-Reid & Lisa Lister!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Lisa tells her side of the story about meeting her husband, Rich Lister (Season 1: Episode 10: Runes, Roots & Resilience)
  • Why I love being a Scorpio…
  • Creating a cauldron of yummy perfumes, scents and oils 🙂 
  • My family’s affinity for Elvis
  • Rabbit Hole Topics!
  • My one word for a t-shirt is…
  • Lisa’s Favorite Source Connecting Rituals

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