What is Qigong and how does it work? Pronounced “chi gong”, Qigong was developed in China thousands of years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine. Developed with the intention of optimizing energy within the body, mind and spirit, Qigong has both psychological and physical benefits.

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with world-renowned Qigong Master and Healer, Robert Peng. Robert began training at 8-years old, and for the last nearly 30-years, he has been a regular presenter at the Omega Institute, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Esalen Institute – and many organizations and schools. 

In this conversation we talk about how to bulletproof your energy, the infinite healing capability of qi and the benefits of practicing Qigong.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Robert’s early childhood as an 8 year old in China who struggled with severe chest pain 
  • Robert finds his Martial Artist Master in a mysterious place
  • Healing his chest pain with fire meditation and his Master’s gazing powers
  • Freezing a wild farmers bull with energy zap & the cultural revolution in China 
  • The Work Begins: Learning the foundations of Martial Arts & Qigong
  • The Three Dantians & Elixir Fields for cultivating your qi, or ‘chi’ life force:

    • Upper dantian (shen)
    • Middle dantian (qi)
    • Lower dantian (jing)
  • Bulletproofing your energy: Robert’s first test with a sledge hammer 
  • Robert jabs himself in the throat with a chopstick and blows Colette’s mind 
  • The Choice Point: Becoming Jet Lee competitor/movie star or Becoming a Healer
  • Training at the Monastery, the Silent Dark Retreat & 100 Day Water Fast
  • Superhuman Powers: The Small Death, Shifting Dimensions of Energy, Becoming Strong like a Tiger & Generating the Zapping Power
  • Colette tells a story of turning ‘water into wine’ at one of Robert’s workshops
  • Robert ends his training and goes to University
  • Making Qigong accessible to thousands of people including VIP’s
  • Introduction to the Prime Minister of Australia & healing his daughter Sue from Chronic Fatigue; restoring her life force through Qigong in ONE month!
  • Coming to America, meeting his Wife & expanding his online Qigong practice
  • Qigong & boosting the immune system, warming up your Vitality Qi or Guardian Chi
  • The Four Golden Wheels & The Master Key of Our Dynamic Happiness
  • The Four Cycles & building a strong container (body) for your martial artistry
  • Pull a Card with Colette & Robert!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Robert talks about the beauty in the ordinary
  • Colette tells a story about Robert’s unusual talent/magical abilities
  • For the love of chocolate…
  • Interstellar wishes to my Wife 🙂
  • Me, Chi & Everybody!

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Episode Resources

Bonus Content

  • Robert gets in a street fight!
  • Robert’s impressive book collection
  • Qigong is an integrated practice

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