What is the blueprint to living a soul-led life? Is it as straightforward as connecting to the beauty of everything while simultaneously surrendering to the mysterious force of the Universe? 

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with best-selling author, mystic, poet, teacher, channel and creative – Rebecca Campbell.

Rebecca has been featured in Vogue, The Sunday Times, and Oprah.com and is the author of books like Light is the New Black and Letters to a Starseed and oracle decks like Work Your Light and The Rose Oracle.

In this conversation we talk about the power of nature, hearing the whispers of our soul and honoring the cycles of change.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up as a sensitive child with a strong inner knowing & aching for a connection
  • Working in the mainstream as an advertising and media creative & ‘The Skype Girl’ Traveling Blogger days
  • Closing the gap between you & your dream life
  • Colette’s Theory on Affirmations
  • Inspiring Books and Teachers on Rebecca’s path to becoming a leader & healer
  • Deep desires to connect to the whispers of your Soul & honoring the cycles of change
  • The Stories of the Rose & reflecting on the nature of transformation
  • The Pathology of the Wellness Industry & the pressure to heal
  • Life lessons from my toddler, having patience & making good and bad feelings okay
  • Wholeness vs. Brokenness
  • Stepping into Soul Time: Understanding Chronos & Kairos Time 
  • What it means to be a Starseed & Cosmic Origins, Planting yourself on Earth 
  • The Land called Me & the Rose Cottage at Glastonbury 
  • The Rose Oracle & Rise of the Divine Feminine 
  • Baby Number Two: Lessons from the second pregnancy & evolving in Motherhood 
  • Pull an Oracle card with Colette Baron-Reid and Rebecca Campbell! 

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Rebecca’s hidden talent & Colette (finally) reveals her hidden talent!
  • Let’s talk about ‘Becky’s Dance Group!’
  • Rebecca Dreams of Fashion
  • Stealing secrets from the library 
  • Rebecca’s musical bone & Colette’s tuba

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Bonus Content

  • Rebecca’s Fun Superstitions & Revisiting Robert Holden’s Fun Superstitions 

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