Welcome to the first episode of SPIRIT & RECOVERY, our 5-part podcast series exploring powerful healing modalities, philosophies and soulful practices that are designed to support recovery – on all levels – from trauma, addiction, harmful behaviors and more.

As the host of this series, I bring a unique perspective, having lived a clean and sober lifestyle for 37 years. My recovery is greatly attributed to my relationship with Spirit, as it’s provided me with a sense of purpose, hope and meaning.

Throughout the series, I will be joined by some of the world’s most renowned teachers and experts on trauma and recovery. My intention with this series is to share my personal experiences and insights, as well as introduce listeners to various modalities of therapy and hope-inspiring guests.

In this first episode, my Executive Producer Connie Diletti and I discuss my personal experience with addiction, the evolution of my relationship with Spirit, and the healing role divination played in my recovery. 

Join us as we navigate these waters with compassion, love, and a desire to share our learned wisdom with you.

*Warning: This episode includes conversations about trauma, addiction, abuse and other subjects and situations that may be triggering for some listeners. Our intention with this series is to educate and inspire, and while mental health professionals are being interviewed, this podcast does not offer personalized medical advice. If you need help or are in crisis, please seek medical attention and advice from a professional.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Colette shares her childhood experiences that came with her own unique challenges as an intuitive or a ‘walking boundary-less being” who could feel everything
  • The moment Colette took her first drink at the age of 12… and how alcohol became an antidote for low self-esteem
  • The challenges of grade school, fitting in, adolescent rebelling, depression, anxiety and eating disorder
  • Going to University and the introduction to drugs, sexual trauma and abuse
  • Hitting rock bottom: ‘Seeing myself for the truth of who I was’ and giving up the fight 
  • Intervention & Recovery: Overcoming the victim mentality and identifying the blocks, beliefs and sabotage patterns
  • The 12-Step Program that saved my life!
  • Structure & Shadow Work
  • Redefining what happened to me & the Vulture Card 
  • The spectrum of addiction & what it means to be ‘clean & sober’
  • Our Culture of Addiction, trigger rich environments and self-soothing with food
  • Spirit & Recovery: Being in conscious contact with a Higher Power & Getting a second chance at life
  • Divination & Recovery: How card decks & the mystical arts also changed my life
  • You have all the pieces you need to heal, you are not broken
  • We Before Me: Being in service and living in purpose
  • My hope is for people to find hope!
  • Pull an oracle card with Colette Baron-Reid & Connie 🙂

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