Welcome to the second episode of SPIRIT & RECOVERY, our 5-part podcast series exploring powerful healing modalities, philosophies and soulful practices that are designed to support recovery – on all levels – from trauma, addiction, harmful behaviors and more.

In this episode we’re joined by Steven Washington, a teacher, writer and former Broadway dancer. Today he shares his personal journey through addiction and recovery, including how his love of movement inspired him to become a highly acclaimed Qigong and Pilates teacher.

In this conversation we talk about facing generational trauma, the connection between movement and recovery and practical tools for coping with overwhelm.

*Warning: This episode includes conversations about trauma, addiction, abuse and other subjects and situations that may be triggering for some listeners. Our intention with this series is to educate and inspire, and while mental health professionals are being interviewed, this podcast does not offer personalized medical advice. If you need help or are in crisis, please seek medical attention and advice from a professional.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Steven talks about his childhood and the challenges of unique sensitivities, being gay and facing off with generational trauma 
  • Breathing for the first time: Finding alcohol at the age of 15 as a way to cope, boost self-esteem and connect with others
  • NYU and the Club Scene: Dealing with anxiety and self-soothing with drugs and drinking
  • Balancing Disney’s The Lion King and dance career success with his addiction 
  • The end of the rope: Reaching out for help and entering 12-Step program
  • Movement & Recovery: 10-years sober, moving to California and finding Qigong 
  • How trauma gets stored in the body and how to move it, relieve it, heal it
  • Self-care practices: Qigong, Breathwork, self-massage, and mindful movement
  • Spiritual connection and staying in-tune to calmness 
  • Releasing negativity and the self-care practice of ‘shaking’ 
  • Moving through & processing fears, uncertainty and not feeling safe 
  • Practicing gratitude during & after addiction
  • Breath Prayers & Intention: Inhale peace and exhale fear
  • Steven’s Recovery Lessons: What he learned from being an addict; and then, sobriety
  • Pull an Oracle card with Colette Baron-Reid & Steven!

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