Have you ever wished you could navigate life’s challenges with more emotional resilience? What would the tools look like to develop emotional resilience and grace to a level beyond your wildest imagination, what kind of impact do you think it would have on your life and the lives of those around you?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with Dr. Neeta Bhushan. As a three-time international bestselling author, world-renowned emotional health advocate and founder of the Global Grit Institute, Neeta knows a thing or two about developing emotional resilience. Plus, she’s the co-founder of the Dharma Coaching Institute, and host of The Brave Table podcast!

In this conversation we talk about transforming tragedies into hope, how to cope with uncertainty and how to integrate spirit, soul and strategy to live a thriving life.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up in Chicago as a child of immigrant parents in a mixed culture with both religious and spiritual beliefs
  • Learning Spiritual traditions from her father at an early age and her first trip to India
  • Recognizing leadership & utilizing her diverse background to stand out in school
  • Neeta’s struggle begins with her Mother’s devastating breast cancer diagnosis at age 10
  • Leaving behind adolescence to be a caretaker & working part-time to help pay the bills
  • Neeta’s story of deep loss continues with her brother and father and how she coped with losing three members of her family within 5 years
  • The thick dark cloud of sadness and uncertainty 
  • Soul Support Posse (SSP): The love, support and assistance from family and friends that got Neeta through these dark times
  • Filling in the pain with work, traveling to Italy and getting a degree in dentistry 
  • Building a multi-million dollar cosmetic dentistry practice & getting married
  • Hitting a wall at 29 (Saturn Return time!) with the ending of an abusive marriage
  • Turning a Corner: Asking for help, sitting with the grief and diving in – all in! – to the healing process
  • Leaving perfection behind and leading with vulnerability and authenticity 
  • Attending global conferences and Burning Man led to meeting her husband AND establishing her own brand, coaching and Global Grit community
  • What is Global Grit? Grow, Reveal, Innovate, Transform
  • A few pillars of emotional grit and coping with uncertainty 
  • Integrating Spirit, Soul & Strategy for a thriving life of vision and success

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Parli Italiano?
  • Next Act: Film Producer
  • Clowns. Dragons.
  • Why would Neeta be banned from the library?
  • Colette’s first kiss with her husband 

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