Our furry friends are more than just cute and cuddly companions! They’re intelligent, sweet, and intuitive little creatures with a whole world of thoughts and behaviors we have yet to fully understand. But, what if there was a way to tap into their innermost thoughts and feelings? What if we could discover the secrets that lie inside their furry little minds?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with Animal Communicator, Behavior Consultant, and Intuitive Life Coach, Michael R. Burke. Drawing on his diverse background in performance, intuition and education, Michael brings a unique set of skills that he uses to achieve his mission in helping people better understand and communicate with their beloved animals.

In this conversation we talk about integrating holistic techniques with your fur babies, recognizing trauma in your pets and how animals can teach us to be better human beings!

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Michael’s sensitivity to energies & the moment he realized he can communicate with animals when he was a child
  • Integrating multiple techniques like meditation, EFT, qigong, Akashic Records into animal training
  • Michael tells a story about connecting with a pitbull mix and overcoming misunderstood aggression with anxiety, confusion an the need for calm
  • Your dog needs leadership, direction, clarity and calm-confidence
  • How to understand your pets when they are having an off day or in a mood!
  • The story of how a horse helped it’s owner grieve the loss of her son
  • What it is like being Cesar Millan’s Meditation Director at his world-renowned workshops
  • How to teach an old dog new tricks (and is that even possible?!)
  • A Dog with a Purpose: The transformation story of a difficult german shepherd turned happy and free 🙂 
  • Recognizing trauma in your pets and how to make the proper and loving adjustments to fit their sensitive nature and special needs
  • Do animals choose their guardians? Colette & Michael share their pet soulmates stories 💕🐶🐾
  • Talking to animals who passed over & connecting a pet owner with his Chihuahua mix who was waiting to talk to him from the other side
  • Animals teach us to be better humans 
  • The gifts that come with being able to communicate to animals 
  • Pull a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Michael Burke!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Always be ready to find a stray
  • Janet Jackson superfan in the house
  • Gloria Vanderbilt jeans came back!
  • Pushing the pause button on life
  • Dreams of becoming a pop star

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