Do you ever feel like there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing? Or that there could be deeper meaning and purpose, but you’re unsure how to uncover it? You’re not alone! Many people feel uncertain about where to start on their journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with well-known author and speaker, Lisa Garr. With over 25 years of experience in the wellness and personal development industry, Lisa is the host of the popular radio show and podcast, The Aware Show. As an expert in the field of consciousness, mindfulness and spirituality, Lisa has helped countless people tap into their inner wisdom, leading them to a life of greater purpose, joy and vitality.

In this conversation we talk about Lisa’s Near Death Experience, exercising intuition as a muscle and the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up in an entertainment family paved the way for a successful career in Los Angeles   
  • Starting a casting agency, producing daytime talk shows and mountain bike racing
  • Lisa’s Near Death Experience (NDE) from a mountain bike accident
  • Being out of her body, becoming the wind & feeling the expansiveness with no limits
  • Recovering from memory loss and brain damage with neurofeedback & meditation
  • Exercising her new intuition muscle, higher brain frequency and psychic abilities
  • Manifesting a radio show and interviewing the leading voices in Spirituality 
  • A synchronicity of events of being and becoming 
  • Did you see “The Light”? Did you experience “Time”?!
  • Teaching people to come from the healed versions of themselves through her Story Workshops (see link below!)
  • Lisa gives an example of client who healed her brain tumor and found her purpose through telling her life’s story
  • The three things that happen when people tell their story from a healed place
  • Lisa gives us a glimpse into her powerfully healing Story Workshops
  • The role of mainstream media in our lives & fear fatigue
  • How the pandemic served as a reset for humanity to shift the focus onto our health, family & purpose with better, healthier choices
  • The Eagle & the Condor Prophecy by Lynne Twist 
  • Where you place your attention is where you’ll shift into & choosing compassion, prosperity, service to others and hope for humanity (even if it takes more effort to focus on the positive!)
  • Lisa’s favorite self-care practices & tips
  • With over 5,300 interviews under her belt, Lisa shares what she learned from some of her favorite guests 
  • Lightworkers Unite! The Light Army that is arising & sharing our inner wisdom with others will help heal the world 

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Mountain biking as a metaphor for life
  • Coaching athletes would be cool
  • Lisa’s favorite talk show interview 
  • A friendly vegetarian dragon 
  • Getting banned from the library… why?

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