Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tap into the celestial realm and invite your angels to assist you with abundance and prosperity? Imagine igniting extraordinary possibilities and collaborating with the angels in bringing your deepest desires for prosperity and wealth to life!

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with  Corin Grillo: Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, licensed psychotherapist, inspirational speaker, spiritual instigator and #1 bestselling author of the book The Angel Experiment. Corin is the proprietor of the Casa Condor retreat center in Mount Shasta, California and in her latest book – Angel Wealth Magic: Simple Steps to Hire the Divine & Unlock Your Miraculous Financial Flow – she speaks to anyone looking for creative solutions to grow their bank account, business or the dream, home or family they wish.

In this conversation we talk about the concept of ‘angel wealth magic’, common mistakes when it comes to working with the angels and how angelic support is there for all of us – especially when it comes to abundance.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • A troublesome childhood served as a benchmark for Corin’s interest in psychology and guided her connection with the divine as a young adult
  • The importance of Spiritual maturity and how we can apply compassion and understanding to the difficult paths we take on our awakening journeys
  • The turning point for Corin was landing in jail and using that experience as a catalyst for change and self-discovery 
  • Love, light and shadow & there is no pearl without the grit
  • What is Angel Wealth Magic? How can we hire an Angel to help us out financially?
  • Angels are messengers of the Divine and always there to connect and assist, no matter what background or belief you subscribe to
  • Reciprocity and offering the Angels your gift of gratitude 
  • Each Angel has a resonance and can help you work with different energies 
  • The difference between Angels and Archangels
  • The Four Magical Basics: Open Mind, Curiosity, Synchronicity, Commitment
  • Hacking money obstacles with the Angels & working with Divine allies for wealth creation
  • Hindrances to Financial Freedom: Wealth blockers & wealth demons
  • Experiment with the Angels, cutting cords, invoking and ritual practices
  • Forgiveness, letting go of disappointment as a gateway to liberation
  • The Encyclopedia of Angels
  • Common mistakes when working with Angels
  • Angels are Real: Corin’s eye-opening encounter with Angels & miraculous client stories 
  • Using Spirit & Angels to help guide your marketing strategies
  • Pull a card with Colette & Corin!

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