While I may no longer offer private 1:1 readings, there’s something even better – the Oracle Circle Membership’s live virtual event called ‘Spirit Jam’, where the real magic happens.

‘Spirit Jam’ gives me a chance to do what I love most: connect with loved ones and their messages through mediumship, pull oracle cards and offer intuitive coaching on all subjects having to do with life, love and business. 

In this episode we’re pulling back the veil back on the ‘Spirit Jam’ experience, giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the room where the spiritual sparks fly. You’ll be amazed by the profound connections and hidden gems that emerge. So, grab a notebook and get ready to jot down any messages that resonate with you – you never know when a treasure from the universe might find its way to you. That’s the sheer power of SPIRIT, and we’re about to unleash it in this extraordinary episode! Welcome to Spirit Summer Jam (Part I) – let’s dive in!

In This Episode We Talk About:

Andrea: How Can I Help My Husband Find his Purpose?

Colette coaches Andrea as she navigates the unknown terrain of her husband’s recent retirement. It’s not always easy to make this transition and sometimes he feels lost and struggling to find a new sense of purpose. But Andrea is reassured that with a little encouragement and support and lots of patience, things will begin to fall into place.

Eileen: Moving Out of Shadow Content and Onto the Playing Field

Eileen is struggling with an abundance block and has been looking in her shadow for the answers. But the cards say differently! Being Spiritually resourceful is a great way to move from ‘I don’t have the resources’ to ‘I am connected to the abundance of the Universe’. Then taking action, being patient, letting go of the timeframe (and having fun!) are all powerful practices in removing mental obstacles that might be halting your manifesting superpowers. 

Lisa: Love, Life & Business… All the Things!

Colette pulls a card for Lisa that reveals an interesting thread between business and love.
Lisa’s intuitive coaching and speaking business might just lead her to the relationship she’s been waiting for. Maybe she runs into him at an event, maybe he ends up helping her run the business… who knows?! But first, Lisa has to go through one more clunker relationship and learn a lesson, the dud before the stud!

Open up the Chat

Half way through Spirit Jam, Colette opens up the Group Chat so people can ask questions, share their insights and connect all the cledons!

Stephanie: Attracting Clients with Storytelling 

Stephanie is having a hard time landing clients for her Feng Shui & Decluttering business. Colette provides some helpful guidance using Oracle Cards to re-route Stephanie’s marketing efforts and assure her that she is on the right Soul Path. 

Lu: Standing on Beautiful Solid Ground  

Lu is an Indigenous empathic healer, medical astrologer and herbalist with a painful past. Colette pulls some cards and coaches Lu through her difficulties with moving beyond her hardships and getting her business off the ground. This amazing Oracle card reading helped Lu with self-compassion and to celebrate all that she has overcome and acknowledged the intense shadow work actually laid down a solid foundation to build Lu’s life and dreams upon! 

Betz: What Am I Meant to Do Next?

Colette pulls a few cards for Betz, an experienced Energy Healer & Coach, who is looking to take the next steps in her business but doesn’t know what the next step actually will be. Colette suggests creating a website where she can define her offerings and display her unique expressions for the world to see. 

Joyce: Let Go of Fear and Let Spirit Stear

Colette coaches Joyce on her business endeavors, starting with stress levels – which we all can relate to when launching a new business. Joyce receives amazing reassurance from Spirit that she is on her Destiny’s path and there will be twists and turns but also investments and success. But, just make sure to monitor your ambition and attachment to the timeframe and outcome and instead, trust, breathe and relax… this journey doesn’t have to be a mess of stress! 


Tora is a dance producer who has taken some time off to reset but is eager to get back in action. Colette reassures her that the outlook is promising with partnerships and resources showing up that will help Tora propel forward into life, in a new and healthy way.

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