While I may no longer offer private 1:1 readings, there’s something even better – the Oracle Circle Membership’s live virtual event called ‘Spirit Jam’, where the real magic happens.

‘Spirit Jam’ gives me a chance to do what I love most: connect with loved ones and their messages through mediumship, pull oracle cards and offer intuitive coaching on all subjects having to do with life, love and business. 

In this second part of Spirit Summer Jam, we’re pulling back the veil back on the ‘Spirit Jam’ experience, giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the room where the spiritual sparks fly. You’ll be amazed by the profound connections and hidden gems that emerge. So, grab a notebook and get ready to jot down any messages that resonate with you – you never know when a treasure from the universe might find its way to you. That’s the sheer power of SPIRIT, and we’re about to unleash it in this extraordinary episode! Welcome to Spirit Summer Jam (Part II) – let’s dive in!

In This Episode We Talk About:

Colette’s Teaching on Chemicalization

Colette opens the episode with a review of the current Astrological forecast for the summer and the positive creative effects of the Summer Solstice.  She also presents a teaching about “chemicalization” and the challenges and triumphs of manifesting during chaotic times. 

Janelle: Knowing Your Passion & Blessing Where You Have Left

Janelle left the corporate HR world to follow a higher purpose and she is enlisting Colette for Oracle guidance on her next steps in business. Colette reassures Jenelle that she is on the right track with coaching and teaching as a fulfilling career and to experiment with building her new curriculum. 

Demarus: The Top Three Things That You LOVE

Demarus is starting her Spirit-led business in hypnosis and needs some additional guidance on the direction of her practice. Colette offers Demarus some advice – with the Spirit of her business as a guide – to gear it towards people who are going through transition from jobs, career changes, marriages or relationships and Demarus agrees… She loves helping people who are stuck!

Cheryl: I Am ‘Supposably’ Psychic 

Colette helps Cheryl with some practical tips on how to connect to her psychic abilities. She offers her some loving advice, support and resources for classes to take on how to boost her woo! 

Alexandra: Don’t Give up the Numbers

Alexandra is an accountant who is looking to quit her job and jump on the right Soul Path. Colette pull a few cards and helps Alexandra navigate the situation and guides her to keep her job but find a new, more healthier workplace environment. Her healing work will reveal itself over time.

Open up the Chat

Half way through Spirit Jam, Colette opens up the Group Chat so people can ask questions, share their insights and connect all the cledons. Also they finally find who Anna is connected to!

Jayne: You Are Not Lost, You Just Think You Are 

Jayne is a retired elderly care professional who is looking for her next act in life. Colette gives her some guidance on daily structure and routine will help alleviate the feeling of being lost in the mix. Becoming an explorer on a new adventure can really do wonders!  

Paula: Will People Come to My Woo-Shed?

Paula built a Woo-Shed in her backyard to start her Spirit-led business and she is concerned no one will show up. Colette helps guide Paula on next steps and to meditate with the Spirit of her business to receive answers. It always helps to start you business one person at a time.  

Angie: Starting a Membership Site & Coaching Program

Colette coaches Angie on her mediumship business and the ups and downs of starting a membership coaching program. Valerie is grateful for the validation and is confident her coaching program will be a rewarding endeavor… and Colette agrees 🙂

Valerie: The Spirit of Your House

Colette connects Valerie with a loved one who has crossed over and is guided to write a book. Valerie also consults with Colette on selling her house and what the transition of moving looks like in the near future. 

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