What role does your connection to a Higher Power play in cultivating feelings of inner abundance and richness? For me, my connection to a Higher Power is the primary source of profound inner abundance and richness. While society often associates material possessions with worthiness, it sometimes leads us into a sense of lack that can never be truly fulfilled. Connecting with something greater than myself feels like tapping into an infinite reservoir of love, guidance, and support that nourishes my soul and fills me up.

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with renowned superyacht captain and series lead on Bravo’s hit television show Below Deck, Captain Sandy Yawn. With over 30 years of international maritime experience, Captain Sandy has earned distinguished and heroic accolades from the Superyacht Society and more recently – she’s become a member of the Hay House family with her book Be the Calm or Be the Storm.

In this conversation we talk about transcending addiction with the help of a Higher Power, forming good habits with a grateful heart and cultivating inner riches.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up in Florida attending Sunday school as a 2nd grader and making a connection to God for the first time
  • Colette shares a story of her Sunday school experience at a young age and how she was able to see halos and auras around people
  • Captain Sandy’s struggle with family dysfunction and alcoholism and how it affected her as a teenager
  • Addiction, hitting bottom and finding a lifeline through the 12-Step Program
  • When the lights turned back on…
  • How did you become Captain Sandy?
  • Sandy got her dive instructor certification then landed a full-time position washing boats
  • Sandy’s new employer invested in her Sea School tuition because he believed in her
  • Doing the work plus following the next right step lead to greater and great things
  • Laying down the foundation for hope, connection and restitution
  • Taking Responsibility for Our Debts: Captain Sandy paying for furniture and Colette paying back money for a coat
  • Inner riches: Spiritual maintenance is the key to my success
  • Hay House Book Deal: Sandy never dreamed of being an author, but here we are!
  • Captain Sandy’s love for Louis Hay and her Full-Circle Moment
  • Forming good habits with a grateful heart
  • The Seekers: Constantly seeking what works and what doesn’t work for your spiritual growth
  • Captain Sandy offers her advice on how to be the calm in a storm and how she handles tough situations on the hit reality Bravo show, “Below Deck”
  • Life changing Spiritual experiences and asking for help when you need it
  • Personal growth and effective leadership
  • Pull a card with Colette & Captain Sandy!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • Puppies, Italy & Mermaids…

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