As instruments of the Divine, we each possess a unique ‘true note’ to play in the orchestra of life. Are you in tune with your authentic self, singing your melody effortlessly, or do you struggle with expressing your true essence?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with spiritual provocateur, brand magician and self-made artist: Ayesha Ophelia. Her poetically transformative work extends beyond multiple platforms and communities, including ‘The Girlfriend Manifesto’ and ‘The Society of Wild Hearts’, her masterclass cohort.

In this conversation we talk about the body as an instrument for the Divine, the transformative potential of the Gene Keys and the importance of singing your ‘true note’ in life!

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up creating, seeking, observing, being in nature, finding magic and with my head in books… basically ‘A lot of who I am now is who I was back then’ 
  • Divination, body ecology and how to be a clear connection to receive information 
  • Colette talks about the body being an ‘instrument’ of the Divine and how society focuses on the mental but it’s really the physical, the feeling state and our cellular memory that should be the focus
  • Embodiment, creating a new life and singing your ‘True Note’
  • Manifesting, focused energy, dreams in motion & RAS (Reticular Activating System)
  • Titration and using micro-steps to cope with overwhelm
  • Poetry & Heartbreak: Turning the pain outward and channeling it into something creative
  • Portals into the heart and meeting the Divine Creator within you 
  • Breaking down the barriers of numbness and healing the divide between pain & creation
  • Marrying music, oracle cards, romance and muse
  • Romance & the Renaissance: Bring back the ‘ideal’ and creating art, poetry and culture from a totally new energy of contemplation, discovery and love
  • The new world of AI and how does it fit in the evolution of humanity
  • Who are we becoming & the potential, change, chaos and living in a creative state instead of a reactive state
  • Chemicalization (things may look bad but they are actually in the healing process) and German New Medicine (symptoms arise as part of the healing)
  • Leaving behind victim identity and the journey from victim to victor!
  • The Gene Keys and working with your own DNA & Divination
  • Dreamwork: Dreams are the ultimate cinema, they are your own Inner Oracle 
  • 1-888-GO-DREAM: Ayesha’s call in number to share your dreams
  • The magic & inspiration that sustains Ayesha and her day-to-day journey
  • Pull a card with Colette & Ayesha!

The Teatime Afterparty!

  • French is the language of romance 
  • Let’s talk about sex & death:
    • Connie’s documentary about exploring death called “Corpus” & the part in the movie about turning your ashes into a diamond 
    • Ayesha steamed her yoni!
  • Ayesha’s extremely amazing fake holiday 
  • A jaguar for your fanny pack
  • What did Ayesha do to get kicked out of the library?!
  • The ultimate sticker collection

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