Relax. Breathe. Fidget with your fingers. Focus on the lady behind you that smells like a plume of bad perfume. Chase the ideas around in your head for the next ten minutes. Grab onto the most stressful ones first – like paying your bills or the fight you just got into with your partner…  

Wait, no! That’s not how it’s meant to go!  

On this episode of Woo² my producers, Connie Diletti, Julie Fink and myself discuss the topic of meditation. We chat about our own meditation practices and give ideas on how to get started with your own practice. No matter the level – whether you are a beginner or a guru, we are here to give you additional support and to celebrate this amazing, ancient calming tradition

Key Topics: getting started with meditation, guided meditation, creative visualization, letting go, binaural beats, listening to your own voice, affirmations, making your own meditation, miracle mindset, meditation as conscious act, mantra meditation, walking meditation

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