On this episode of Woo², my Executive Producer Connie and I delve into the complexities of shadow work.

Shadow work involves uncovering and addressing the parts of yourself that you hide and repress, such as past traumas or aspects of your personality that you consider undesirable. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to confront your shadow, but with support and guidance, small changes can lead to radical transformation. 

The path to healing is not just about love and light, it’s also about exploring and embracing your shadow. By facing your shadow, you can make the impossible possible and rise to become the person you know you are meant to be. Together, let’s be a beacon in the darkness and embrace our whole selves!

Key Topics: shadow work, integration, honesty, self-centered fear, taking inventory, unhealthy behavioral patterns, wounded qualities, self-worth, accountability, projecting, trauma, identity, maladaptive & adaptive survival, avoidance, suppression, denial, unconscious & becoming conscious, collective shadow

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