At every moment we are given an opportunity to tune into the magic of life, but how can we transmute our limiting beliefs? What practices and sacred rituals can help deepen our connection and understanding of the Divine?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with Abiola Abrams, award-winning author, intuitive self-love coach, and founder of Mawu’s Goddess Mystery School. Abiola’s calling is to help empower you to become who you were born to be and is the author of both the book “African Goddess Initiation” and deck, “African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards.” 

In this conversation, we speak about tuning into and pursuing your calling, activating the goddess within and accessing ancestral wisdom.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up in an unconventional home in New York City with chickens 
  • Guided by authentic, intuitive and loving parents; This is who we are…
  • Abiola finds her voice through hip-hop and poetry; ‘I get to invent myself!’
  • Language as a tool for Divination: Abiola’s love affair with words, poetry & communication with the Universe
  • Everyday spellcasting and how every word you speak casts a spell
  • The beginnings of Divination in Abiola’s life
  • Creating Goddess City: The first hip-hop theater play ever!
  • Creating her book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred medicine for everyone
  • Honoring the African Goddess Magic and Knowledge 
  • What is Womanifesting and how is it different from quantum manifesting? It’s about having a relationship with the sacred & doing an energetic dance with the Universe
  • Every time we say YES to ourselves…
  • Abiola’s Sweetening Jar Ritual, a sacred ritual practice for women’s empowerment
  • Creating a life that you enjoy using your desire as a creative force


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  • What is the wildest sign you’ve ever received from the Universe? ‘You don’t pitch your friends!’ Turns out… you can.
  • Abiola’s superpowers
  • Two magical potions for humanity 
  • Meditations, mindfulness, and the Real Housewives of any city
  • Abiola’s Guardian Angel’s Name
  • Colette Baron-Reid and Abiola pull an Oracle card together: What did we learn today & what does Spirit have to say?

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Podcast Bonus Content

  • Abiola’s favorite ritual: Spiritual Baths & Water Whispering
  • Storytelling with Abiola: My Favorite Goddess
  • My Dream for My Life
  • Who do you admire the most & why?

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