Today, my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti presented me with a question from an article she read: “Is the World Facing a Crisis of Spiritual Distress?” 

I love holding space for issues such as ‘spiritual crisis’ because it’s so important for us as a collective to face difficulties together and to rise together. 

On this episode of Woo² we talk about the role that spirituality plays in overcoming a crisis state and the “Stockdale Paradox” from a Vietnam prisoner of war survivor story. It’s an unforgettable tale of tragedy and triumph with a heap of hope sprinkled in! 

We end the episode by pulling an Oracle Card and asking, “How do we heal our spiritual distress?” The Oracle card we received had the perfect message and guidance from Spirit that, if followed, could lead to healing for all of us.

In This Episode I Talk About: resilience, hope, existential thinking, spiritual distress due to covid, certainty determined by the outer world, trauma response, Stockdale Paradox, triumph, community

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