Have you always wanted to become an intuitive coach or start your own integrative practice, yet felt apprehensive about getting started? If you’re feeling called to turn your Divine gifts into a career, and put form to your unique vision, this episode is for you!

On this episode of Woo², my Executive Producer Connie Diletti and I talk about how to develop and nurture a spiritual relationship and dialogue with your business, and other soul-nurturing career tips that will enrich your life beyond your work! I also provide a sneak peek into my upcoming class, “The Spirit of Your Business,” which will delve into the challenges and successes of owning an intuitive business. 

Key Topics: Spirit, business, strategy, entrepreneurship, integrity, internal language, intuition, mediumship, community, contribution, projection, tuning in, readings, receiving, symbolism, energy & monetary exchange, hustle culture

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