Have you thought about leaving the safety and comfort of a corporate job for the unfamiliarity of a Spirit-led business? It might be daunting to think about – but don’t worry – I’m here to cheer you on!

Join me and my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti on this episode of  Woo² as we talk about the hurdles of leaving the corporate world to become a more independent, blissful professional. I give an example of one of my former clients who I coached through her transition from a hard-hitting New York attorney to a small town pie baker. We also talk about the difference between a side hustle and what it means ‘to hustle’ and how making your business a sacred one is the way to go. Come along on this wonderful adventure into the unknown (yet rewarding!) wilderness of sacred business ownership!

Key Topics: Spirit business, strategy, pies, side hustle, sacred, entrepreneurship, leadership, energetic currency, money, hiccups, hurdles, invitation, contemplation as an action, rest & restore, trust & faith as an action, dialog with your business, Spiritual contribution

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