Welcome to the inaugural episode of I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE, our limited edition podcast series within the Wooniverse, spotlighting five incredible mediums and the art of mediumship!

To kick off this series we’re going to do something unconventional –  I’m going to switch seats and be the interviewee! I’m sitting alongside my handsome husband Marc, who has been by my side for the last 20-years of mediumship readings, and I’m handing the interview reins over to a familiar voice you’ve heard on the podcast, my Executive Producer – Connie Diletti.

In this conversation, we speak about my upbringing and psychic roots, my most memorable mediumship stories and the art of grieving and letting go.

*Warning: This episode contains shocking moments and raw or vulnerable content that may not be suitable for all audience members, especially children. Please listen at your own discretion. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this episode of “I Talk to Dead People”. 


In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Colette’s childhood, her loving parents & the secrets of not knowing her psychic roots
  • Earliest memories of psychic abilities from age three of her grandfather who was French Resistance in the Holocaust during WWII
  • The Scottish Nanny who read tarot cards & Colette’s Father who taught her how to read Turkish Coffee Cups, Spirit Animals and UFOs as her introduction to the Mystical Realms
  • ‘I heard a male voice, his name was Frank’: Her first significant event as a psychic medium 
  • The resistance to mediumship and not being able to embrace the gift because of ancestral wounding… “If I’m different in any way, it’s dangerous.”
  • Fun psychic stories from the Tour with Sylvia Browne: Chinese broccoli & a yellow tricycle 
  • How she gained international clients from 29 countries without the internet!
  • Colette’s husband, Marc goes on tour with his psychic medium wife… “Just don’t bring any dead people home!” LOL
  • Readings from animals who have crossed over & a clingy hamster 
  • Confidence Building: What do you do when they don’t respond to your reading? 
  • More fun psychic stories:
    • The dragonfly & the upstate NY realtor who’s (Spirit) brother would not leave Colette alone while house hunting
    • The band of drunk Irishman who told jokes & called out their living family members for hoarding M&M’s
  • The Apology Medium: Utilizing her journey through addiction recovery & sobriety to connect with those who had similar stories  
  • Shock factor: Sometimes the reading is too personal & having boundaries 
  • Marc tells a few of the most moving, heartwarming readings (Grab the tissues!)
    • A Dad connects with his five year old son & the popcorn machine
    • The Big Biker Dude unexpectedly connects with his best friend
    • A Vietnam War Hero
  • The Art of Grieving & Forgiveness & Letting Go

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