According to multiple surveys conducted worldwide, up to 15% of the population have had a NDE (Near-Death Experience). While some believe that these powerful and mysterious events are flights of the imagination, others are living proof that this experience can lead to profound transformation. 

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with Denise Linn: best selling author, spiritual teacher and world acclaimed expert in Feng Shui. Denise has researched healing traditions from native cultures and taught around the world for more than 52 years and has appeared in numerous documentaries and television shows worldwide, including being a featured guest on Oprah, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, BBC TV, NBC, CBS and NPR.

In this conversation, we speak about Denise’s near-death experience (NDE), divine intervention and power of decluttering.


***This episode contains raw and vulnerable content about personal violations, mention of alcohol and drug usage, as well as salty language from two wonderful mystical pirates. A heads-up that this content might not be suitable for all audience members, especially children. 

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up in rural Ohio and Denise’s parents wanting her to become a scientist
  • What is a near death experience? Denise’s near death experience (NDE) and narrowly escaping an encounter with a serial killer
  • Dying on the operating table, leaving her body in the hospital, and going down the tunnel
  • What was it like on the other side? Light, Love, Oneness, Music, Endless Time & The Golden River
  • ‘It’s not your time, you have things to do’ & being pulled back into my body
  • Experiencing supernatural gifts and powers after the NDE: listening the Song of the Grass and the Trees
  • Surviving a serial killer, testifying against him in court and the verdict
  • The Aftermath: working at a truck stop, being broke and alone
  • Suicide attempt and meeting an Earth Angel on a park bench
  • Becoming the Seeker: searching for answers, understanding NDEs & becoming enlightened with Zen Buddhism in Hawaii 
  • Learning tribal wisdom from the Zulu of South Africa and the Māori’s of New Zealand 
  • Close encounters: contact with a UFO, aliens, and getting pregnant after the doctors said I could never have children
  • Writing my first book came from a dream: ‘The world is one Fire’
  • Projecting your energy and learning the mystic practice of invisibility 
  • Sacred space, Feng Shui and creating a feel good sanctuary 
  • Elemental space clearing and removing clutter
  • Past life regression and healing from the root source
  • Colette’s past life regression story from Denise’s seminar
  • Denise’s new project & book on the gifts born from having low self esteem
  • Pulling an Oracle Card with Colette Baron-Reid and Denise Linn
  • Denise’s outlook on our future and the cycles of nature
  • For the highest good of all, love yourself

Listen to the Episode Above or Watch it on Youtube Here!

Episode Resources

Listen to the Episode Above or Watch it on Youtube Here!

Episode Bonus Content

  • Who would you like to take to lunch and why? 
  • Denise’s mystical theme park & virtual reality experiences 
  • Favorite grounding ritual and tree connections
  • How I met my husband & our unusual waterfall wedding
  • Super space clearing tip!

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