Before listening to this episode I invite you to grab your favorite oracle deck, a snazzy pen and cozy socks because….my new Oracle Card Journal is out! 

On this episode of Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I unbox my fresh new oracle card journal and talk about it for the very first time. This journal was such a labor of love and a project I truly am passionate about. 

Within the magical pages of this journal, you’ll have the chance to explore deeper levels of yourself, peel off layers of thick conditioning that no longer serve you and plug into the Divine aspects of your Being with helpful prompts, practical tools and guidance along the way. It’s designed to be a gentle 40-day exercise that allows you the space to create more grace, more coherence, and to receive more epiphanies than ever before! 

My truest wish for you with this journal is to strengthen your connection to Spirit and to help guide you through the most beautiful & important relationship you’ll ever have in this lifetime… the one with Yourself. 

Key Topics: Journaling, oracle cards, self-care, healing journey, spiritual awakening, intuition, magic, Higher Self, divination systems, intuitive intelligence, oracular consciousness, synchronicity, epiphanies, harmony, flow state, manifest, creativity, coherence, the highest good of all 

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