Welcome to the fourth episode of I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE, our limited edition podcast series within the Wooniverse, spotlighting five incredible mediums and the art of mediumship!

Joining us today is one of the most sought-after Psychic Mediums on the world stage – John Holland. In addition to having spent the last 20-years training and honing his gifts, John is a spiritual teacher, author, oracle deck creator, founder of My Soul Community, and has starred in numerous TV shows and documentaries. 

In this conversation, we speak about growing up with psychic and mediumship gifts, mediumship misconceptions and both hysterical and heartwarming stories of connection.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • ‘It was always there’: Growing up with the gifts of seeing Spirits & psychic abilities and the challenges of adolescent bullying
  • Psychic childhood stories of falling from a tree and being carried down by an angel…
  • Hiding his abilities until adulthood and then, getting the ‘wake up call’  
  • Starting work as a part-time medium while working numerous day jobs
  • Tuning up his aura and rising his frequency for mediumship; ‘they started showing up’
  • Studying for over two years in England and understanding the mechanics and ‘why’ he could see and hear dead people
  • Fun psychic mediumship stories & impactful, heartwarming and hysterical readings
    • The Clogging Dancing Daughter 
    • Playing Baseball in Heaven
    • The Husband with a Sense of Humor
  • Common misconceptions: Mediumship does not replace bereavement
  • Entity attachments and physical mediumship readings 
  • Mediumship as medicine & John’s rituals, prayers & blessings for his practice
  • Interpreting the information coming through from Spirit & the Snoopy Story
  • “Ghost Whiskers” Coming Soon! & stories of channeling pets and animals
  • Feeling a bit lost & transitioning into Soul work & My Soul Community
  • The Soul’s Blueprint: Free Will, the Ego & the Soul
  • The Cultural Blueprint: overlapping blueprints from other people’s and society’s interference; ‘not a free will choice’
  • John’s Soul Work Protocols: Are you the Victim, the Student or the Master?
  • Pulling a card with Colette Baron-Reid & John Holland!

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