The most engaging storytellers create a window into a new world and encourage our minds to expand our own understanding of the world around us. At this point on the timeline, in 2022, with so much media available for us to access, have you ever wondered how the most powerful and popular storytellers unearth their stories? And, what part does intuition and spirituality play in bringing these stories to life?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with one of the most influential film and television producers and storytellers in the world, Kristin Hahn. Kristin is the president of Hahnscape Entertainment, and has a robust body of work – including projects like ‘The Departed, ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, Cake’, ‘Stargirl, Netflix’s ‘Dumplin’ and Apple TV’s award winning big hit ‘The Morning Show’ with Jennifer Aniston. Kristin and Jennifer are also producing partners and co-own the company Echo Films.

Kristin is the author of  In Search of Grace: A Religious Outsider’s Journey Across America’s Landscape of Faith and the 2022 Poling Chair at the Kelley Business School at Indiana University, teaching leadership styles in the workplace. 

In this conversation, we speak about the magic of storytelling, the value of following your intuition and the vital connection between spirituality and creativity.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up a latchkey kid in New Mexico and using creativity, adventure and storytelling to fuel her independence and ultimately shape her future in Hollywood
  • Kristin’s first film project & stories of being on the road for a year interviewing people across the country; ‘Where are we at with the American Experiment?”
  • Spiritual Awakening & My first Vision Quest in the New Mexican Desert
  • Moving to LA with no friends or family… “I had the name of one guy, who I called for thirty days straight!” & my first job on a comedy show
  • Researching and interviewing hundreds of people for her book “In Search of Grace”
  • The Intersection between creativity and spirituality
  • Rituals for Writing & Being an open channel for the Divine Wisdom & Locking in the Highest Vibration
  • Tips for getting unblocked & identifying your motivations (Self vs. Selfless)
  • A lot of storytellers are trying to heal a wound i.e. ‘I want to be loved for my writing’
  • My Woo Woo Toolkit
  • Kristin’s pseudo Dumplin’ pageant speech and hope for humanity
  • A Quite Movement, A Paradigm Shift & Rise of the Divine Feminine
  • Pull a card with Colette Baron-Reid & Kristin Hahn!

  • How the films Tootsie & Terms of Endearment imprinted and affected Kristin’s life
  • Behind the scenes of The Morning Show
  • Kristin’s favorite sitcom: “The One with Jennifer Aniston’s Mail”
  • The smallest act of kindness that led to the biggest life-changing new path
  • Go have FUN!

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Episode Bonus Content

  • The Consciousness of Plants & Fungus
  • The story of Kristin getting banned from the library…

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