Have you considered the depth of magic and beauty that lies within your ancestral lineage? There is power in remembering and connecting with who you are and where you came from, especially if you are interested in weaving more meaning and awareness into your life.

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with one of the most gentle, yet powerful souls I’ve ever met, Indigenous Medicine Woman, Spiritual Mentor, Ceremonial Speaker and Author, Asha Frost. As a member of the Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation, Asha was given the Spirit name Wiida’adoon Aanimkikaa (She who walks with the Thunderbirds), and is an incredibly gifted healer and teacher.

In this conversation, we speak about self-healing, the importance of self-care and the power of reclaiming your sacred connection to the past.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Growing up as a sensitive and intuitive child in a loving and supportive space
  • Dreaming and drumming with her anscensters  
  • Medicine from Within: It is the sacred pulse that is inherent in everyone of us
  • The Medicine Woman Journey: Healing lupus & arthritis 
  • Asha’s Homeopathic redirect from the Universe & powerful self discovery
  • Addressing the emotional story behind physical illness 
  • Setting boundaries around trauma
  • Being a Chosen One is choosing ease, abundance, and gentleness 
  • Asha’s Self-Care: salt bath ceremony, walking in nature, nervous system practices, joy & boundaries
  • Applying ancient wisdom, animal medicine in everyday life and starting your own ancestral practice 
  • We carry our ancestor’s story in our bodies. How to heal your ancestral lineage and reclaiming your sacred connection to the past
  • The lunar calendar and the path of the 13 Ojibwe Moons 
  • Respecting the Land that You Stand On & Honoring the Spirit of the Indigenous First Nations People Who Came Before You
  • Having the Capacity to See Others & Being Conscious of the Indigenous First Nations People Who are Here Today  
  • Solutions for the future & The Seven Grandfather Teachings

  • Superhuman Powers & Shapeshifting
  • Asha’s Magic Potion for Society
  • What is Asha’s Advice for the Aliens
  • Strawberries (The Heart Berry) & Sage (The Essential Part of My Balance)
  • Wishing & Dreaming with her Children
  • What does Spirit have to Say? Pulling an Oracle Card with Asha Frost & Colette Baron-Reid!
  • Asha’s Call to Action for Humanity

Episode Resources

Podcast Bonus Content

  • Asha’s Goals for the year… 
  • What is smudging and how to smudge
  • Going to bed early is my favorite ritual
  • Let’s talk (the tv show) Yellowstone & Tap Dancing

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