While I no longer offer private 1:1 readings, twice a month in my Oracle Circle Membership I host a live virtual event called Spirit Jam

Spirit Jam gives me a chance to do what I love most: connect with loved ones and their messages through mediumship, pull oracle cards and offer intuitive coaching on all subjects having to do with life, love and business. 

In this episode we’re pulling the veil back on the Spirit Jam experience and sharing what it’s like to be in the room with me and my members.

I encourage you to grab a notebook and to write down any messages that pop out to you in the event you find a hidden treasure in something that comes through – because that’s the power of SPIRIT!

Without further ado, and with a ton of holiday spirit, I welcome you to Spirit ‘Jingle’ Jam!

In This Episode We Talk About:

Trisha: Your Husband Apologizes for Making Fun of Your Crystals

  • Colette connects Trisha with her late husband who had a few things to say from the other side, including an apology for not believing in her abilities, how much he loves her and to use her crystals to connect to him!

Cindy: Online Dating… Shopping for Love without Attachment to the Outcome

  • Colette coaches Cindy as she navigates the world of online dating – which can be fun and exhilarating but also quite stressful! Colette pulls some cards on the current relationship and validates the meaningful exchange taking place. She also helps Cindy reframe her mindset around trust and encourages her to work on a trauma of disappointment & betrayal. 

Wendy: Being Patient with Your Calling Because You are Ahead of Your Time

  • Wendy is caretaking for her Aunt who has had a stroke and cannot communicate well so Colette connects to her Aunt’s consciousness (where she communicates clearly!) to send a few messages to Wendy… ‘Play my music please!’ Colette also coaches Wendy on her Life Calling and encourages her to fuse together her music, holistic success training & stress management curriculum. 

Nancy: Eating Addiction & Giving Yourself Grace… It’s Called the ‘Road Less Traveled’ for a Reason 

  • Colette connects to Nancy’s cousin who died of alcoholism. She apologizes to Nancy for everything and to remember the good times. Colette pulls the addiction thread through and discusses Nancy’s subtle eating addiction and behavioral patterns with compassion. She acknowledges Nancy’s healing journey & shadow work and encourages her to not punish herself… ‘Give yourself a break, it’s not called Easy Street for a reason!’

Gregory: Intuitive Business Coaching, Owning Your Skill & Working with Resistance 

  • Colette acknowledges that Gregory has all the pieces to his puzzle but he just has not put the pieces together yet. She pulls some cards and helps navigate Gregory through his frustrations of ‘the how’ and talks to him about beta testing his ideas and experimenting with curiosity.

Laurie: I’ve Closed a Whole Book on My Life & Looking Ahead with Partnerships

  • Colette pulls the cards for Laurie, an experienced Astrologer, who is looking to buy a house but is having reservations about taking out a loan, going into business with her roommate and reinventing her Astrology readings & Divination systems.

Geraldine: Pickles & Parental Rights

  • Colette connects with Geraldine’s Father who smelled like pickles and has issues – even in the afterlife – with his daughter’s investigation into her adoption. While Geraldine searches for her biological father, Colette helps guide her through the emotional rollercoaster of both family dynamics – here and on the other side.

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Bonus Content

Marianne: It’s About Friggin’ Time!

  • Colette channels Marianne’s Mother who passed away with many regrets. Marianne finally gets the apology she has been waiting for 🙂

Disti: Animal Communicator Business Advice

  • Colette helps Disti navigate through some questions and apprehensions in regards to starting her animal communication business, how to grow her clientele, own her awesome physic skills… and then a cat with one-eye came through to say hi!

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