Who doesn’t love synchronicities?! We love this magical, auspicious topic here on Inside the Wooniverse, so today on Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I, will be exploring synchronicity more in depth. 

Can it be just a coincidence? Or is there a cosmic organization constantly working and weaving our lives together? From meeting my husband to hiring Connie to produce my podcast, there are so many examples of synchronistic, jaw-dropping moments that could not have happened by chance. 

Perfect timing, awe inspiring events, people and places that catapult you forward; we believe there is an intelligent thread that pulls you through the toughest of challenges, the tightest of spots and provides you exactly with what you need to grow and evolve in this life –  and that thread is called Synchronicity!

Key Topics: Synchronicity, Carl Jung, meaningful coincidences, Oracle cards, Divination, I-Ching, wishes and intentions, serendipity vs. synchronicity, energetic alignment, co-creation, invisible matrix, cosmic connection, Cledonism, Carrie Underwood, Spirit has a plan!

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