Have you ever heard a little voice in your head say, ‘I’m not good enough’? As entrepreneurs, we may have heard this voice pop up many times! Entrepreneurship can be a tough journey that’s riddled with feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty, which can create obstacles on the road to success. 

On this episode of Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I explore the idea of ‘imposter syndrome’ and ways to overcome limiting beliefs and conditioning. Every time I step forward into a new project, a new idea or business endeavor, I ignite the remembrance that I have a partner with the Universe and that I’m not doing this by myself. 

Join us in igniting the flame of self-love and acceptance together!

Key Topics: Imposter syndrome, fear, lack of confidence, social conditioning,  self-awareness, worthiness, partnership with Spirit, intuition, service to others, we are born blessed, expert vs. commitment to your craft, cleaning your filter, follow your calling, pride-in-reverse

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