Why create a vision board?

Let me start by sharing that I’ve created a vision board a year for the last 35-years. A vision board can help bring your big visions and soul-led desires to life by providing a tangible way to connect with those desires. My husband and I make one every year together, and I love leading my annual Vision Board Challenge every January (BTW there’s still time to sign-up and join us now!).

For me, vision boarding is more than just listing material possessions or goals. It’s about creating a physical representation of the experiences and feelings we want to manifest in our lives. It’s also important to reflect on what your vision board is calling in and adjust as-needed (Trust me, there were many times I put something on my board – and Spirit showed me a whole other plan!)

On this episode of Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I discuss the magic of vision boards, setting intentions, using affirmations and the importance of clarifying your ‘whys’ when vision boarding. 

Key Topics: Vision boards, dream boards, affirmations, manifestation, vision for your life, intention vs. goals, feeling state, knowing your why, desires, commitment, lessons, compassionate prosperity

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