Season 3 of Inside the Wooniverse is right around the corner and we are kicking it off with a fascinating discussion on “The Power of 8” with the masterful Lynne McTaggart. 

On this episode of Woo2, my Executive Producer Connie Diletti and I delve into Lynne’s extensive research on the transformative power of healing circles. When 6-8 people come together with the intention of personal growth, miracles can happen. Challenges may disappear, chronic symptoms and situations can improve, and even mountains may seem to move. I also share my own personal experience with a healing circle and the incredible power of this type of group. If you’re looking for a supportive and intentional community, don’t miss this powerful discussion!

Key Topics: Intention, The Power of Eight, group prayer, community, holding space, healing illness & relationships, surrender, receiving, attachments, intention experiment

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