If you’ve listened to this podcast, it’s likely that you’ve received or given a reading at some point. But what do you do when a reading doesn’t resonate with you? 

Haven’t we all had an experience where during a session the words just aren’t clicking and we walk away feeling deflated and disappointed? I once had a psychic tell me that my music career would take off and that I wouldn’t be successful as an Intuitive Coach, which I knew wasn’t true! 

On this episode of Woo², my Executive Producer Connie and I discuss the difference between not liking a psychic, intuitive, or card reading and resisting its message, versus when a reading is completely off the mark and doesn’t feel aligned. We also talk about how to discern when a reading is accurate – even if you’re not ready to hear it or accept what’s being said.

Key Topics: Resonance, mediumship readings, oracle readings, card readings, accuracy, resistance, the essence of storytelling, setting boundaries, reject a reading, intuition

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