Welcome to the inaugural episode of I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE, our limited edition podcast series within the Wooniverse, spotlighting five incredible mediums and the art of mediumship!

Joining us today is Indigenous Medium Shawn Leonard. Shawn is the star of APTN’s ‘Spirit Talker’ documentary television series, which follows his travels across Atlantic Canada as he connects people with their loved ones that have passed on, while also reconnecting with his heritage along the way.  Shawn is a proud member of the Mi’kmaq peoples and was gifted with the name ‘White Eagle Spirit Talker’ by a respected elder.

In this conversation, we speak about Shawn’s earliest experiences in sensing departed loved ones (like his great-grandparents and father), learning how to trust what you receive and where we go after we die.

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Shawn’s childhood was full of Spirit adventures & being visited by his Great-Grandparents who would never let him sleep
  • Astral traveling & flying around the neighborhood in the Dreamworld
  • Finding his childhood friend in the Dreamworld & learning about the higher levels of energy and different dimensions of Spirit
  • ‘Remember the Light behind me’: Shawn’s Dad passing at age fifteen and connecting to his Spirit through the Astral realm to receive an important message about his purpose
  • The beginning of Shawn’s psychic medium path & reading Jen from the diner with a vivid image of a child holding a baseball
  • The Turning Point: “Do you know a guy named Charlie?”
  • The Language of Spirit: It’s how Spirits tell their stories
  • Finally embracing mediumship & connection to Spirit
  • The Two Gifts: Marrying Miꞌkmaq Indigenous Traditions with psychic mediumship
  • The Orb Push: Connecting to an Indigenous Earth-bound Spirit Elder
  • Receiving the name ‘White Eagle Spirit Talker’
  • The importance of Smudging & Prayer and creating ceremony
  • How mediumship has changed Shawn’s worldview
  • Wild Ghost Stories & Recording Spirit Voices (including a Pirate!)
  • Where do we go after we die? The energetic overlay of Earth
  • Shawn shares a vivid dream of being on the other side
  • “I don’t believe in Death”: We just blink and we are in another form
  • Pulling an Oracle card with Colette Baron-Reid & Shawn Leonard!
  • An Indigenous Teaching from Shawn: The Four Sacred Fires

Listen to the Episode Above or Watch it on Youtube Here!

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