We’ve all heard of the placebo effect, but why is it so powerful and how can we use the same science behind it to tap into a higher level of consciousness, reduce stress, and create a more compassionate world?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m talking with Dr. David Hamilton, a former R&D scientist who used to develop drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. After recognizing that he was more interested in the placebo effect than the effects of the drugs he was developing, he left the pharma industry to pursue his interests in writing and educating people on how to harness their minds and emotions to optimize their health.

In this conversation, we speak about ‘why woo woo works’ (also the title of David’s latest book) and discuss the compelling scientific evidence that supports alternative therapies, spiritual practices and healing modalities (AKA the woo). 

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • (2:10) Background of Spirit + science and helping his mother through postpartum depression as a teenager through the power of the mind
  • (04:43) The success of the placebo effect: what is the placebo effect and why does belief work?
  • (06:00) You are a mini-universe; You can manufacture the healing you need
  • (06:40) When the chemistry of your brain changes (molecules, enzymes, and hormones) – the chemistry of your life can change too! (people, events, and circumstances) 
  • (07:23) The effects of kindness on your brain, heart, immune system, and biological processes of aging
  • (08:20)Kindness is the opposite of stress
  • (10:00) Mindfulness vs. Kindfulness: How kindness is a great workout for the brain
  • (12:21) Cardioprotective: how kindness protects the heart
  • (13:29) The Nocebo Effect (Latin for ‘I shall harm’) vs. The Placebo Effect (Latin for ‘I shall please’) 
  • (14:48) The science behind visualization & Harvard’s Piano Study (Kinesthetic Imagery) 
  • (17:10) The influence and effectiveness of Crystals
    • Dzogchen (“Great Perfection”) practice of Buddhism 
    • Color psychology
    • How do crystals work: The magnetic properties of crystals
  • (23:25) Heart Coherence: Fall into sync & the benefits of connecting our hearts & mind
  • (25:35) The Natural Healer Effect & how your coherent state can influence those around you
  • (26:57) Entrainment & entanglement: consciousness as the basis of our reality Investigating the field of PSI (i.e. Parapsychology, ESP, Distance Healing, etc.) 
  • (28:38) Solving the hard problem of consciousness: Panpsychism & Idealism 
  • (36:26) The story of Oscar the dog & self-love, affection, and forgiveness 
  • (38:56) Kindness techniques for how to calm anxiety
  • (42:23) What is the wildest thing you’ve ever experienced researching the woo?
  • (46:30) What does Spirit have to say? Pulling an Oracle Card with Dr. David & Colette Baron-Reid!


  • (52:23) What does Woo Woo mean: The Origins of Woo & Why does Woo Woo Work?
  • (55:42) What is your wildest woo woo moment?
  • (58:16) What is the name of your Spirit Guide & Bethel doesn’t mess around
  • (59:11) What would you do with your three magic genie in a bottle wishes?
  • (1:00:04) Playing tennis with hypothetical aliens
  • (1:00:55) Dr. David’s magic potion for the world 
  • (1:01:39) What Daisy the dog has to say about Dr. David…
  • (1:02:42) Dr. David’s bucket list
  • (1:04:00) Colette’s Reflection: What did we learn today?

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Podcast Bonus Content

  • Go-to healing modalities
  • How Dr. David uses visualization to heal tennis aches, pains and even injuries
  • Time displaced quantum healing theory & the far end of woo
  • More on the Placebo Effect & how belief organizes brain chemistry
  • What you might now know about Dr. David Hamilton…!

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