Welcome to INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, – Mailbox Edition!

We’ve had a wild ride this first season and are deeply thankful for all of your support, your love, your questions, comments, your ratings and reviews! 

In this episode, I’m responding to a few more questions we received from you – our be-woo-tiful listeners – about episodes featuring Gregg Braden, Kristin Hahn, Denise Linn, Gabby Bernstien, Donna Eden, Rich Lister and Krystal Banner. Colette also takes a moment to share a few of her favorite reviews and her appreciation for your support in listening to and sharing this podcast.

In this Episode We Revisit these Topics from Season 1 of Inside the Wooniverse…

EP12 Gregg Braden: Our Cosmic Community

  • Colette dives into her deep truth about our origin story and how she understands where we came from based on her childhood teachings, beliefs and upbringing.  

EP13 Kristin Hahn: Invoking Creativity

  • Expanding on the process of clearing headspace, meditating and getting into the flow of creativity or passion projects.

EP7 Denise Linn: Interviewing Oracles 

  • Colette discusses her delights in podcasting and how she picks the best interview questions for each guest. 

EP 5&7 Denise Linn & Gabby Bernstein: The Other Side of Trauma

  • How do you really know when you are on the other side of trauma? Colette answers this from her experience of overcoming her own triggers and post-traumatic stress responses and the practical tools and insights that have helped along the way. 

EP11 Donna Eden: Figure Eights 

  • After listening to Donna’s extraordinary story of healing her daughter using figure eight energy medicine in the hospital, Colette goes into a little more detail on the significance of figure eights and how it can be used in everyday life for even more healing benefits. 

EP10 Rich Lister: Resilient Neurology

  • Using divination tools – from runes to oracle cards and many more! – to help expand our awareness, dissolve our fixed conditioning and step into resilience with confidence.

EP14 Krystal Banner: Legacy 

  • Colette revisits this magnifying episode with Krystal Banner as they discuss oracle card decks and their timeless teachings. 

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