Welcome to INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE – Mailbox Edition!

We’ve had a wild ride this first season and are deeply thankful for all of your support, your love, your questions, comments, your ratings and reviews! 

In this episode, I’m responding to a few questions we received from you – our be-woo-tiful listeners – about episodes this season featuring Kyle Gray, Gabby Bernstein, Asha Frost, Chris-Anne and Abiola Abrams. I also take a moment to share a few of my favorite reviews and my appreciation for your support in listening to and sharing this podcast.

In this Episode We Revisit these Topics from Season 1 of Inside the Wooniverse…

EP3 Kyle Gray: Mantra Meditation

  • Mantra Meditation for the Monkey Mind with Kyle Gray & Colette offers three additional tools that help in her personal meditation practice to bring more peace, ease and safety to calm your mind.

EP5 Gabby Bernstein: Stichomancy

  • Stichomancy with Gabby Bernstein and the divination tools that can also be found in music, on the radio or in a scene in a movie or film. 
  • Expanding on stichomancy using a card spread + a book to find insights and inspiration in your divination practice such as the Bible, the poems of Rumi or your favorite novel.

EP4 Asha Frost: Animal Medicine

  • Animal medicine and dreamtime experiences with Asha Frost & the animals that show up in Colette’s life as significant spiritual messages from her parents, anscensers and elementals. Also, Colette tells us the story about her big, beautiful white owl!

EP14 Chris-Ann: Divination

  • Discovering Colette’s early divination tools, such as painting her first set of runes with nail polish as she revisits this awesome episode with her fellow oracle deck creator Chris-Anne

EP2 Abiola Abrams: Womanifesting

  • ‘Womanifesting’ with Abiola Abrams and expanding on the law of attraction…. ‘It’s not about getting, it’s about becoming.’
  • More on the infamous Honey Jar ritual from Abiola Abram’s episode and Colette’s favorite manifesting rituals.

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