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Promise Me You’ll Never Change

Dearest You, Last night I watched the sweetest movie called Hector’s Search for Happiness about an unhappy psychiatrist living a […]

Where To Go When There Ain’t No Flow

Dearest sparkle being, Are you feeling it yet? You know what I’m talking about yes? Mercury retrograde is here again, […]

The Great Gift of the Bone Collector- Reclaiming The Lost Pieces of You

Dearest sparkly being of light, I woke up today contemplating the weather and happy to know I could take out […]

“Risk the Fear” .. and make a difference

Dearest you, I hope you’ve had a chance to take a look at the video I shot with soul contract […]

Spirit Messengers Wear Mechanic Uniforms. (Or, what happens when you ask for a sign about belonging, being and the importance of connection)

VLOG . BLOG Dearest you, I’m away from home and visiting the city of my origins and feeling nostalgic and […]

Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him!

VLOG   BLOG Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him! ( thoughts on why “surrendering to Spirit’s plan” yields astounding results, even though […]

Thoughts on the Exodus of Souls… (or, why every hug counts)

VLOG . BLOG Hey there shining one, I want to talk about a somber subject this week but hopefully with […]

The Little Sparkle That Could

. VLOG  . . . BLOG . Hello Sparkler, HOLY MOLY I am on the road and still in awe […]

Thoughts on Gratitude Grace, and Small Squares… (or why dogs, birds, coffee and love make my world go around)

. VLOG . BLOG Thoughts on Gratitude Grace, and Small Squares… (or why dogs, birds, coffee and love make my […]

A Moment of Silence (instead of numbing out on the net)

VLOG   BLOG Dearest You, I write this while in a more somber and contemplative mood than I’ve been in […]

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