How to Use Oracle Cards for Personal Growth & Transformation

Have you ever found yourself feeling completely stuck?  Even those of us with a deep commitment to our personal growth […]

How to Use Oracle Cards for Guidance in Times of Uncertainty

Have you ever wished you could sit down and have a chat with your Higher Power?  In times of uncertainty, […]

Common Manifesting Mistakes

There’s a distinct feeling of longing that is a fundamental part of the human expsurreberience. It’s our natural state to […]

A Magical and Mystical Metaphysical Event My Favorite OraclePalooza Memories

There’s nothing quite like attending a lively event full of people who share your passions and interests, or who are […]

How to Partner with the “Spirit of Your Business” for Entrepreneurial Successur Intuition

When you start a business, you’re signing up for a wild ride! One with triumphs, challenges, and plenty of opportunities […]

Cultivating Self-Love: The Key to Unlocking Your Intuition

There’s something truly magical about the feeling of a clear connection with your intuition. When you become attuned to the […]

Psychic Readings & Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

Over the years I’ve received tons of emails from people asking for my thoughts on predictions they’ve been given by […]

5 Things You Need to Know for Your Vision Board

A Vision board is a fun, practical, and magical tool to help you set intentions and create a life guided […]

The Ultimate Guide to Colette Baron-Reid’s Courses

Where do you go when you’re seeking a sense of guidance and support in your life?  For me, Oracle Cards […]

How to Ask the Right Questions in Oracle Card Readings

When life is full of uncertainty, it’s natural to look for answers to life’s questions and meaning in the chaos. […]

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