The Key to Good Sleep – And Great Dreams

I’ve yet to find the person who would argue that getting enough quality sleep is a goal in their lives. […]

How to Practice Gratitude by Journaling

I know, I know… you’ve heard everyone from Oprah to Gwyneth sing the praises of practicing gratitude and the importance […]

New Moon Intention Journaling

New moon alert! STOP what you’re doing… DROP your pen onto the page… And ROLL out those soul-deep intentions! With […]

My Summer Reading List

Last week, August 9th was Book Lovers Day, which I missed because I wanted to write about the loss of […]

Gratitude for a Happy New Year – Ask these 10 Questions to Manifest Your Best 2019

Dearest you, Tis the grand finale of 2018 this week and I’m curious about something. How do you say goodbye […]

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