Surrender = Doing Your Part & Get Out of the Universes’ Way

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you must let go and surrender it to a Higher Power. In fact releasing attachment is key to the co-creation process. You may be thinking, “But [...]

Promise Me You’ll Never Change

Dearest You, Last night I watched the sweetest movie called Hector’s Search for Happiness about an unhappy psychiatrist living a predictable ordered life who, after an epiphany takes a wild [...]

Where To Go When There Ain’t No Flow

Dearest sparkle being, Are you feeling it yet? You know what I’m talking about yes? Mercury retrograde is here again, and although it can be a wonderful time to regroup and revisit, deepen [...]

The Great Gift of the Bone Collector- Reclaiming The Lost Pieces of You

Dearest sparkly being of light, I woke up today contemplating the weather and happy to know I could take out my motorcycle for a spin. She is a beautiful Deluxe Softail Harley Davidson. Her name [...]

A Tale of Three Ravens

Has Nature ever chosen to be the conduit for a message from Spirit for you? Do you have a special affinity to any creature in particular, and when you need a sign does it just seem to show up [...]

What is For You…. Won’t Go Past You!

Dearest sparkly being of Light! I’m going to invite you into a conversation with me today and hope you’ll share your experience with me, and the rest of the tribe in the comments section. I [...]

How to Be a Proud Sparkly Poppy (hint- don’t cut yourself down)

Dearest luminous you, I was reading my favorite Sunday inbox delivery from Brain Pickings – a wonderful weekly compilation of interesting and meaningful subjects and thought to write about an [...]

P is for Puppy

Dearest sparkle being of luminosity and love, I am relatively incoherent today given the sleepless night I had with a new puppy in our bed. Today’s thoughts will be short but hopefully meaningful [...]

The Healing Power of Happiness Lists

Dear sparkly you, Happy Spring! It’s official! (or, Happy Fall for my Down Under tribe). I love the change of seasons, and I especially love those intoxicating moments of hope when the weather [...]

Shadows and Light, Endings and New Beginnings

Dearest sparkly star, This week marks the new moon in Pisces coupled with a solar eclipse and we all have much to anticipate. I’m sure you feel it. We’re coming to the end of the astrological [...]

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