Universal Energies

Surrender = Doing Your Part & Get Out of the Universes’ Way

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you must let go and surrender it to a Higher Power. In […]

Promise Me You’ll Never Change

Dearest You, Last night I watched the sweetest movie called Hector’s Search for Happiness about an unhappy psychiatrist living a […]

Where To Go When There Ain’t No Flow

Dearest sparkle being, Are you feeling it yet? You know what I’m talking about yes? Mercury retrograde is here again, […]

The Great Gift of the Bone Collector- Reclaiming The Lost Pieces of You

Dearest sparkly being of light, I woke up today contemplating the weather and happy to know I could take out […]

A Tale of Three Ravens

Has Nature ever chosen to be the conduit for a message from Spirit for you? Do you have a special […]

What is For You…. Won’t Go Past You!

Dearest sparkly being of Light! I’m going to invite you into a conversation with me today and hope you’ll share […]

How to Be a Proud Sparkly Poppy (hint- don’t cut yourself down)

Dearest luminous you, I was reading my favorite Sunday inbox delivery from Brain Pickings – a wonderful weekly compilation of […]

P is for Puppy

Dearest sparkle being of luminosity and love, I am relatively incoherent today given the sleepless night I had with a […]

The Healing Power of Happiness Lists

Dear sparkly you, Happy Spring! It’s official! (or, Happy Fall for my Down Under tribe). I love the change of […]

Shadows and Light, Endings and New Beginnings

Dearest sparkly star, This week marks the new moon in Pisces coupled with a solar eclipse and we all have […]
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