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The Platinum Mastermind Experience for Impact Makers

7 Transformative Months Curated and Led by Colette Baron-Reid

Limited to 24 spaces per session. 
Applications are assessed and approved in order of submission date.


Your Next Level Of Success And Profound Purpose Is Calling You To Make A Greater Impact For Yourself And Others …


35+ Years of Experience Leading Global Leaders

Hi, I’m Colette.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a professional intuitive strategist, personal transformation thought leader, best-selling author and metaphysical educator. 

As the creator of 14 Oracle card decks, I’ve shared my spiritual experience and knowledge on global stages, TV, radio and film, and on my top-ranking podcast, INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE.

I created my first mastermind 8 years ago for people like you — successful impact-makers, movers and shakers, and creative leaders who recognize that you have more to offer the world, and need inspired support to bring it to life.  

Past and present DreamQuest members are professionals, creatives, business leaders, doctors, authors, attorneys, psychologists, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and entertainment executives, among others.

If you’re here, you’ve already achieved measurable success. You’re longing and ready to discover a new way to align with an even more profound sense of purpose. 

And you know you can’t do it alone.

DreamQuest will give you a creative and spiritual approach to experience the next level of personal and professional fulfillment with a small cohort of peers as committed to the journey as you are.

The Mastermind Experience Expertly Curated to Make Your Dreams a Reality

In this mastermind, I curate a special program tailored to your group’s interests, goals and big dreams, which includes fascinating material, introspective exercises and intuitive coaching sessions with me. You’ll also explore exciting topics with world-renowned guest speakers.

DreamQuest will provide the map and encouragement to move you beyond where you are now, shatter the glass ceiling of your potential, support you during your transition, and inspire you beyond measure.

Extravagant promise? Not at all. This is our eighth small group mastermind, and over 65% of participants return.

But it’s not for everyone.

DreamQuest isn’t your average mastermind program where we share ‘success strategies.’ The DreamQuest Mastermind Experience is that and more!

My unique approach combines metaphysics, practical spirituality, ancient magic, intuitive coaching and science to support your manifesting goals and conscious intentions for a more fulfilling life.

DreamQuest is for you if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to see your big dreams come true and make a meaningful difference in the world.

If you feel called to join, I invite you to apply for DreamQuest.



A Mastermind Experience Like No Other

A personal transformation journey to discover not what is, but what can be.

A Mastermind Experience Like No Other

A personal transformation journey to discover not what is, but what can be.


An abundant life with more profound, fulfilling intimate relationships with yourself and others. Explore abundance, higher consciousness, and love in a new form of compassionate prosperity. 

The positive impact you can make for yourself and those around you when you discover and reclaim the things you love, like your creativity, and other unexplored talents and passions. 

Feeling connected to and supported by Spirit. Feel assured that you’re on the right path to realizing more significant and purposeful visions for yourself and your collective future.

Becoming clear about what you want to do in life and what brings you the most joy. Challenge beliefs about yourself and your abilities so you can break habits that no longer serve you and create new ones that light you up. 

Above all else…

The DreamQuest Intensive will take you on a profound personal journey and professional uplevel to guide and support you in determining, redefining and reinventing your most authentic, inspired expression and vision for your life. 

This intimate and unique transformational program is hosted, curated, and moderated by Colette. You’ll be a part of a small group of influential, curious, and committed peers as you move forward on this journey.


“If you feel called to join DreamQuest, I would say stand up, be heard, be present, do everything you can to nurture your emotional and spiritual body. To nurture your joy. Because the world needs your joy. And it’s a process of shedding and looking inward, but it’s worth the work. It’s totally worth the work.”

Valerie P

Corporate Attorney

DreamQuest Mastermind Experience
with Colette Baron Reid

Metaphysical Trailblazing, Expanded Purpose, and Exponential Impact in Your World…and Beyond!

How We Journey Together




New skills, exercises and breakthroughs together

The DreamQuest program relies on a powerful combination of proven deep process work, quantum meditation journeys, intuitive coaching, and educational materials. Exponential growth happens in a small group setting where everyone intends to shift and transform!


One private intuitive coaching call with Colette to solidify your intentions.

Twelve (12) 90 minute group calls with Colette so you can receive direct guidance from Colette, ask questions, and learn from others. (Most calls are scheduled for Wednesdays at 7pm ET and all calls are recorded) 

Two (2) 1:1 group coaching sessions with Jenn Lewis, DreamQuest Transformation and Accountability Coach.

Twice-Monthly spiritual and personal development exercises designed to support self-discovery and empower you to make progress on your goals.

Monthly New Moon group intention setting gatherings with DreamQuest Program Coordinator Jill Buffington.

Twice-Monthly small group meditations to support and refocus your personal intentions.

6 special guest coaching group calls (Past guest speakers include best-selling authors and thought leaders: Gregg Braden, Kidest Om, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abiola Abrams, Sandra Ann Taylor, Gina Gomez, Dr. Darren Weissman, Denise Linn, Nancy Levin, Dr. Dean Radin, Kyle Gray, Glynis McCants and others!)


Two In-Person DreamQuest
Workshop Experience weekends!

Just weeks after you start your DreamQuest, you’re invited to join Colette for a transformative 3-day workshop. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences are opportunities to connect in person with Colette and your peers in the program. You’ll have the opportunity to get support on your journey, and have some fun!


Fall 2023– November 10-12th, 2023 in Nashville, TN
Spring 2024 – date and location TBA

*Travel, food, and accommodations are not included in the program tuition fee.


“I got to a point in my life where I needed something more. I needed an expansion of my journey and I found DreamQuest because I truly believe DreamQuest finds you when you’re ready. I am so delighted this will be my third year going in. I am super excited because every year it just gets better and better. It expands, and I grow because I’m able to see so much more of myself and where I want to go.

DreamQuest helped me redefine myself and fully live life again. I would absolutely recommend the program if you want to expand your knowledge of who you really are, and explore different avenues for yourself. I never thought I had the abilities that came forward in this program.”

Jeanne B.

3-time DreamQuest Participant


To Get Started
On Your Ultimate



DreamQuest is a significant financial and personal commitment, proportionate to the results program participants experience. We want to make sure the fit and timing of the program is 100% right for you. So,  after you apply, you may be invited to have a conversation with our Program Coordinator, Jill Buffington. You can ask any questions you may have during the call.



Approval to Join:

We will notify you as to whether you’ve been accepted into the program. If selected, you have 48 hours to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your overall enrollment balance. 



Begin Your Quest:

You begin your journey with an invitation from Colette to a celebration kick-off call in October 2024 (exact date TBD)! She’ll personally welcome you into DreamQuest and share important information about the program.


Your Investment Options



Total Payment

Save $3,000 right away

  • One Time Payment $19,497
  • **$500 Deposit within 48 hours of acceptance into the Program



Total Payment

  • $3,250 first payment
  • $3,250 per month for following 6 months
  • $500 Deposit within 48 hours of acceptance into the Program

*Space is limited. Applicants are considered in order of application date.

The DreamQuest Intensive™ Commitment Policy:

This program is intentionally created for participants to have the best possible experience.  We ask that all participants be 100% committed in all areas of the program. For that reason, there are no refunds. If you’re unsure about joining the program, just ask! We’re happy to provide any information to help you make a confident decision.



Is it your time for DreamQuest?

It’s time for you if:

  • You know deep down that you’re meant to contribute and experience more in this time of great transformation.
  • You already have a manifestor’s mindset, and you invest in where you’re going next.
  • You’ve been wondering, “What’s next?” or, “How do I move beyond where I’ve already been to live a more meaningful and successful life?”
  • You’re comfortable opening up and sharing with 24 other committed people with big dreams.

You’re not quite ready yet if:

  • You’re not comfortable investing $19,997 with ease.
  • You’re uncomfortable exploring mystical traditions.
  • You’re more curious than committed, or you’re not in a good place to experience change quickly.
  • You can’t commit to the time requirement for the curriculum, weekly calls and group meditations.

If your answer is, “IT’S MY TIME!”…

Spots are filling up, so don’t wait to apply!

Spaces are limited.

Hear from More Past


I am a different woman than I was

Three years and three rounds of DreamQuest later I am a different woman than I was. Having the support and framework of our intimate and focused group held space for me to grow, expand, release, retreat, fly forward and more. I continue to nurture myself. I find that this self nurturing, self loving aspect of patience and perseverance of this commitment, has been a strong thread in the newer section of my life tapestry.

Wellness Therapist

I’ve attracted and created a life I love today

All things considered, I’m not sure if I ever would’ve opened my new business had it not been for the lessons learned and confidence gained from my DreamQuest experience.

While my life has always been productive and busy, the extra introspective soul level time I gave myself as I journeyed through the process was totally worth the effort. I’ve built lasting friendships developed with people I’m blessed to still be in touch with today. It wasn’t until a few months later, however, that I realized how my outlook and approach to life has permanently shifted as a result.

Focusing on my intentions and envisioning my future at a deep and detailed level has enabled me to attract and create a life I love today. I’m so glad I said YES to myself and committed to my quest. I am forever grateful.


DreamQuest was a life-changing decision for me

It opened me up in ways I could not imagine and brought me back home to my true and authentic self. Colette is one of the most beautiful, wise and encouraging mentors. She creates a space for all the participants to feel safe, heard and loved.

I encourage the person who is reading this to say YES to doing something you have never done before. Answer the calling for your own greatness and beyond. I see you, we see you and now it is time that you see yourself. You are worth it!

Entrepreneur & Success Evolution Coach

I discovered my life’s purpose

I joined DreamQuest last year with open eyes and an open heart. After the loss of my husband, I was searching for my purpose in life. I found DreamQuest to be a group of very supportive seekers who were on a similar life’s journey guided by Spirit.

My transformation has been divinely inspirational and has helped me to develop a research program using energy medicine and consciousness to help pregnant women. This is my life’s purpose as a scientifically trained OB/GYN. I will be enrolling in DreamQuest for a second time this summer.


Are you Ready for MORE?

More inspired transformation? More soul-deep connection and self-discovery combined with limitless possibility? 

I created the DreamQuest Mastermind for purpose-driven individuals ready to bravely explore what it means to create the most authentic expression of themselves and serve their higher purpose in the world.

And the results speak for themselves.

In previous years, DreamQuesters have started successful businesses, moved past challenging times, expanded their reach, and discovered their greatest heart’s desire.  Some changed their lives completely to become more of who they were meant to be — fearless and free. 

If DreamQuest is calling out to you, know this:

Whatever obstacles have been holding you back, whatever stories you’ve believed that have stood in the way of growth or fed into a false identity, the DreamQuest Mastermind is where you’ll identify them and finally let them go — with my support.

When you apply for DreamQuest, you’re giving yourself permission to embrace the woo in all areas of life so you can find more joy, connection, love, purpose, abundance, contribution and growth.

This is deep, transformational work. It isn’t like any mastermind or group program you may have tried. It requires a significant investment of time, energy and money. 

But in return?

You get the support and structure you need to realize the next phase of your journey to compassionate prosperity and a more meaningful impact on your world.

Dare To Dream Your Higher Purpose Into Reality

This is the doorway to the next story of your life.
Are you ready to step into the magic?

*Space is limited. Applicants are considered in order of application date.

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