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Add Some Mystical Woo to the Mix with Oracle Cards!

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Oracle Card Party!

A member of my team recently hosted a party, with food, candles, and mystical decor to set the mood. She had eight of her girlfriends sit around a big table and brought out her Oracle Cards!

Each person did a reading and freaked themselves out. No one had done this before and just using the guidebook in the box was all they needed for the magic to show up.

What happened that night was truly amazing.

Each of her friends shared what was really going on in their life. They went beyond the fluffy small talk and barbed gossip that can happen when people get together. Most important and meaningful to everyone was the intimate, meaningful, real and raw conversation about stuff that matters. And the chatty ones were not the only ones to do the talking. The other cool thing? Acquaintances left the party as friends. Now that is something to talk about!

So are you tired of small talk and fluffy parties? Are you tired of searching for conversation starters? Do you want to add some mystical woo to the mix when you hang out with your friends? Start something new and host your own Oracle Card Party. Invite your friends to experience the magic of Oracle Cards! You’ll have so much fun and truly connect and bond, as you explore the mystical woo you’ve always known, was right there beside you, and part of you.

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of Oracle Cards!


Everybody wants to have their cards read! Your friends will be excited to see what cards are pulled and everyone will be curious to see the reactions to what is being revealed. And of course, there are the “OMG” and “Ah-Ha” moments that you will share and experience with each other. And, best of all, you don’t have to be an expert at Oracle readings or have the cards all figured out, you just need to begin by reading the guidebook! Download “How to Have an Oracle Card Party” and get your cards and guidebook ready... you’ll have everything you need to get started!

So are you curious?

How it Works

Gather up an open-minded group of friends (no more than 8) and bring out your Oracle Cards to share magic and insight!


Sign Up and Download the PDF guide “How to Have an Oracle Card Party”

Download the PDF


Set a Date & Invite Friends


Have that fabulous and magical Oracle Card Party & Take Lots of Photos


Post photos of the party on either Facebook or Instagram and use #OracleCardParty & #ColetteBaronReid to share the fun with your friends online.

Your oracle card party will be so awesome. It’s deep, meaningful, and so much fun when you share your intimate journey with others through this mystical connection.

If you’ve been longing to have a magical mystical circle of like-hearted friends, then host an Oracle Card party! And don’t just ask the obvious friends. You’ll be surprised at who’ll love the Oracle Cards too!

Why Oracle Card Parties?


Open Up & Be Heard and Seen

The Oracle Cards help you share your amazing life’s story in motion. As you share readings in a supportive environment you’ll encourage each other to open up, discuss fears, hopes, personal struggles, dreams and more. It’s such a beautiful and sacred way to make genuine intimate connections.

Hold Space and Create a Magical Mystical Circle

Each person in your group will get to experience a reading as the group holds space for them. This creates intimacy, bonding, and trust as you drop the walls that hold you apart.

Have an Emotionally Gratifying Experience

You’ll laugh, sometimes cry, and be showered with positivity and affirmation as you open your hearts and minds through your Oracle Cards.

Open Up Sharing and Support

When you gather with the intention to share with love, curiosity, and hold sacred space for each other – magic can happen. You have the power and capability to really create, transform and manifest when you come together in a supportive, nonjudgmental way.

Go Beyond Small Talk

Hosting an Oracle Card Party gives you the chance to go beyond the small talk (and dive deeper into the subjects that really matter) as you connect to each other on a heart level. Sharing our important questions and responding with an open heart can help develop a closer relationship with each other, to the Divine, and to your own wild soul. You’ll create the space to remember that you are magic and that you are more powerful together than you are alone. (And as a host, you’ll always bring own special magic to the group!)


When you have an Oracle Card Party you’ll:

  • Connect and bond with friends
  • Give and receive support in a fun and meaningful way
  • Share mystical insight into life
  • Gather to set intentions
  • Tap into the sacred Divine
  • Speak your truth and hear other’s stories
  • Motivate and inspire each other
  • Have an amazing, mystically fun time!

This could be you and your friends!

Make It Happen!

Give yourself and your friends the opportunity to dive into the sacred and mystical part of life that your daily life doesn't always allow time for. The pace of our modern lives can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Oracle Card Parties help us pause to reclaim connection as we join our hearts, share laughs and have a mystical magical time together!

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