Oracle of the 7 Energies
Oracle card deck & guidebook

The 7 Energies Oracle

This Oracle Deck is designed to answer a variety of questions with the timeless concepts of transformation, healing, and understanding.

Find out in three easy steps
Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards.
From a neutral state of mind, set the intention to receive the message for your highest good.
Click on three cards to see what energies are guiding you today.

What did you discover?

Contemplate your reading as you go about your day. Each reading can provide wise guidance to manifest and live your best life with grace and courage.
Let the sacred seven energies
of life guide you to understand yourself and your world more deeply

“The cards are so beautiful and inspiring that will transform so many lives.”


Your Oracle of the 7 Energies Deck Today!
the Oracle of the 7 Energies

Why Seven?

Seven is a sacred number, with great significance in multiple cultures and belief systems throughout history… as well as in our daily lives.

You may be familiar with your own seven energy centers, and now, the Oracle shows you how they apply to all of life.

Experience the wonder of these energies as you receive guidance to co-create with their wisdom.

Activating Your Greatest Purpose

“Much more than energy centers within your subtle body, [these] are seven cosmic energies that form life as a whole. By following their wisdom, you activate all the different potentials of your being on your way to your very own wholeness.”

- Shai Tubali, author, philosopher & speaker

Within this oracle, the concept of the seven energies can be said to apply to the totality of your life’s story:

The way you think…
How you make your choices…
What you encounter within yourself…
The conditions of your world as you journey forward…

What new horizons will be available when you have
the tools to co-create a new and aligned life story?


Oracle Cards?

Oracle Cards can help you with your smaller, everyday questions as much as they can with the big ones that advance your spiritual and personal growth.

While your focus might be on how to evolve spiritually, it’s equally important to be in this world, here and now. Wisdom must also be practical so you can live your life embodying courage and grace.

With The Oracle of the 7 Energies, you will gain insight into the energies moving your daily life and material world… as well as those moving in your higher self and the spiritual realms.

What are

the 7 Energies?

The psychological, spiritual, and life themes that animate the oracle are as follows:

Energy 1
Color: red | Element: Earth
Money, family, inherited traits, survival, primitive instincts, security, stability, and the material world
Energy 2
Color: orange | Element: Water
Connection, sexuality, intimacy, birthing, desire, pleasure, feelings, and fluidity
Energy 3
Color: yellow | Element: Fire
Personal power, will, assertiveness, action, vitality, movement, individuation, and extreme states— joy, anger, transformation
Energy 4
Color: green | Element: Love
Compassion, love, community, forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, inner peace, and wholeness
Energy 5
Color: sky blue | Element: Sound
Communication, creativity, listening, being heard, writing, ideas, sharing, and vibration
Energy 6
Color: purple | Element: Light
Intuition, vision, imagination, prescience, knowing, perception, and mental states
Energy 7
Color: golden white | Element: Thought
Spirituality, ego transcendence, liberation, God consciousness, understanding, and wisdom

“The artwork and messages delivered through these cards are beautiful!”


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