Be in the Now and Practice Gratitude

Last week’s Full Moon was intense and I’m not sure about you and your experience, but mine just exhausted me as so much in my world challenged me to contemplate everything I’ve taken for granted. [...]

First Take a Breath & Center Yourself

When I was young, my Dad would always tell me to “think and breathe before you speak.” He was one of these very thoughtful men who never went anywhere without a book in his hand. He was all about [...]

Do You Have Harmonious Relationships?

This week our focus is on harmonious relationships (according to my reading for the week!) and so having a look around and seeing who is populating your world is a first step in seeing how you’re [...]

Your Oracle School Questions Answered

I’m full of excitement and energy this week as people enroll in Oracle School and I am so ready to start teaching in September! So many have already signed up including a record number of alumni [...]

Oracle Cards Saved My Life

I’m so excited, as this is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s when I get to share with you one of the best free resources that I have ever created to teach you all about Oracle [...]

Mindful Manifestation

Are you a mindful manifestor?  Do you take responsibility for the way you react to life’s adventures?  Do you know you co-create reality between two essential truths? The power to deliberately [...]

Be You to Be Abundant

Dearest You, The energy in the universal Oracle Card reading this week is all about co-creation, abundance and our infinite potential for prosperity.  When we can harness and get in alignment [...]

The Art of Changing Perspective

The overarching theme coming this week, and the energy in the weekly reading, revolves around the art of changing perspective while being compassionate with ourselves and allowing for the space [...]

You Are Blessed

When you meditate do you know that if you focus on gratitude everything in your life changes for the better? Today, my brain was on the fried and crunchy side. I was feeling a lot of resistance [...]

Full Moon Energy

Between a partial lunar eclipse, a Full Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury having turned retrograde, this is a week full of profound and powerful energy! (And it’s my birthday this week too, yay!!) [...]