Surrender = Doing Your Part & Get Out of the Universes’ Way

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you must let go and surrender it to a Higher Power. In fact releasing attachment is key to the co-creation process. You may be thinking, “But [...]

How to Open Yourself Up to More Love

What do you see when you look into the mirror of love? Yesterday I was out doing errands around town when I looked down and noticed one of those little sweetheart candies in the parking lot near [...]

Get Divine Messages in Everyday Life

The Cledon…tune into the messages that you need to know One of my favorite spiritual phenomenon to talk about is the cledon. It’s a message from Spirit that is innocently and unknowingly [...]

Try Letting Go with a God Box..

Where are you spending most of your time—the past, present, or the future? If you primarily focus on your past or your future, you become a ghost in your present. Living in the NOW is where your [...]

How to Tune Into Your Intuitive Powers

Intuition is a natural part of all of us. As multi-sensory beings, we all have it although our cultural conditioning represses it. It’s commonly ( although inaccurately) known as the sixth sense [...]

Let Go & Open Yourself to Divine Guidance

You’re Part of a Greater System of Energy Have you ever had the experience of wanting something to work out sooooo much? You come up with an action plan, make a wish, keep praying, and visualize. [...]

Move Beyond Your Old Story & Be Free

How to Have Accountability, Courage, Forgive & Heal Dear Fabulous You, It’s been an interesting week as for some reason we’ve been getting more and more email from people who have watched my [...]

Why Self Love is Key to Developing Your Intuition

Learn How With These Three Simple Steps Are you sometimes really hard on yourself? Do you have a tendency to dwell on your weaknesses or mistakes instead of what you’re proud or happy about? Are [...]

Manifest Miracles Turbo Style!

Play The Three Minute Miracle Game I’m ridiculously content this morning because I did this game that I hope you’ll muster the courage to do out loud with me. I call it The Three Minute Miracle [...]

Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

The most popular blog I’ve written in the past 10 years is on the subject of predictions. Given that everyone needs some empowering things to think about, I revisited the article and gave it a [...]