When Soulmates Bring Your to Your Knees

Continuing the theme of exploring relationships this month I’ll ask this question. Do you remember a time when you thought you met “THE ONE” and felt so strongly that you had met your soulmate, [...]

Love and the Law of Attraction

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day, and How to Manifest a Partner 101 It’s the week of the Valentine’s holiday here in North America and since we’ve traditionally been so heavily pushed to pay attention [...]

How to Connect to Very Chatty Universe – to have a real conversation about what counts!

You know people always ask me how do you have a conversation with the universe? Is it prayer and meditation? Of course, both of those are regular practices of mine and they are important (in my [...]

Time to Regroup and Dream

Life at the beginning of the New Year is such a funny thing, isn’t it? It’s like we’re split in two. There is one side of us which is aware that we’ve set intentions and made resolutions and we [...]

Be a Badass Spiritual Manifestor.

Years ago when I first got introduced to the notion that my thoughts and emotions created my reality I couldn’t get over the simplicity of the concept.  Then I wondered, why was this not taught [...]

This Is What I Know About Predictions

How often have you wondered “what’s going to happen?” and gone to see a psychic, astrologer, or intuitive to answer that question. I used to be that professional that would peer into the future [...]

Change this.. And Change Your Whole World.

Change this… And Change Your Whole World. Can our minds really shape our outer world? Yes, our thinking definitely affects a lot of things. If you think and believe you are unworthy (of [...]

How 5 minutes of this practice can Change Your Life

How 5 minutes of this practice can Change Your Life Every New Year I wake up with so much gratitude and awe, and think of that fateful night in 1985, when I finally hit bottom, took my last [...]

As We Clean up the Dirt… Let There Be Light…

As We Clean up the Dirt…Let There Be Light… This week is an interesting one given that we begin with a serious New Moon on Monday, providing us an opportunity to make intentions for [...]


Your Delicious Drama Free Zone for December

Your Delicious Drama Free Zone for December So has this mercury retrograde brought some unwanted drama to your life? Do you want to know how to create a delicious drama free zone for December? [...]