Expand Your Purpose

Intimate Group Coaching Experience

We are living in unprecedented times. Now you are called to an unprecedented moment of choice.

Are you ready to expand your purpose?
Our small group of DreamQuest participants will work closely with me to uplevel into a new paradigm of compassionate prosperity.

The DreamQuest Intensive is limited to only 24 participants and requires an investment of $19,997.  

You are successful

in many areas of your life

BUT something’s not quite right.
The world is changing and you know in your heart there’s so much more. You feel the time for deeper transformation, and a more profound expression of your purpose is upon you.

Could you see yourself living a life with even more meaning?

Discovering the next phase of your purpose? Expanding your perception of what your intentions and influence could bring to the world?

Could you see yourself genuinely having deeper, more meaningful intimate relationships with others?

Could you reclaim some of the things you love but have let slide… like your creativity, and other talents you’ve left unexplored?

Could you imagine your positive impact?

Improving the experience of so many as you explore abundance, consciousness, and love in a new form of compassionate prosperity, expanding from “me” to “we”?

spending seven months laser-focused on moving yourself from where you are to where you want to be!

The purpose of the DreamQuest Intensive is to provide support and dialog for manifesting intentions in the most empowered way, and the best part is (if you are willing to put the time and commitment in) – it works!

Signing up means you know deep down you have only just begun to scratch the surface of learning how to manifest your best life. Deliberate creation is the way forward.



“All things considered, I’m not sure if I ever would’ve opened my new business had it not been for the lessons learned and confidence gained from my DreamQuest experience. While my life has always been productive and busy, the extra introspective soul level time I gave myself as I journeyed through the process was totally worth the effort. Lasting friendships developed with people I’m blessed to still be in touch with today. It wasn’t until a few months later, however, that I realized how my outlook and approach to life has permanently shifted as a result. Focusing on my intentions and envisioning my future at a deep and detailed level has enabled me to attract and create a life I love today. I’m so glad I said YES to myself and committed to my quest. I am forever grateful.”

The Secret of DreamQuest:


The real quest goes beyond the events happening in the world…
These are just symptoms. In DreamQuest, we’re out to transform the root cause. Here’s how:

Individual Work

We’re shifting how you show up and manifest, so your highest purpose can come through.

Group Work

We’re also setting intentions as a group, to add to the new wave of consciousness now moving through humanity.

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Reimagine your purpose.

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