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From the Goddess Oracle

The Goddesses have assembled to guide you to your deepest truth, empower you to choose freedom your old conditioning, and bring you awareness to co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

You may be feeling unhappy about love and are longing for what you think is missing in your life.

The Greek goddess of romantic love, Aphrodite, comes forth with a state of ecstatic being that she now invites you to cultivate within. You can experience the world as a sensual, expressive, creative being if you allow yourself the freedom to explore what this means to you. Perhaps this is a portent of a new partnering or a deepening of one you already have, or perhaps this is a time for you to claim this aspect of your nature, which may have lain dormant awhile. Aphrodite invites you to fall in love with your life now and choose to look for the essence and expression of love all around you. By doing so, love will increase tenfold, and you will see evidence of it everywhere you turn. This is your sacred task when Aphrodite chooses to aid and empower you.

Perhaps you are questioning a plan or an intention you have set and wondering if the work you are doing to make it come true will actually pay off.

The Celtic earth goddess Danu appears and portends the fulfillment of your desires and the fruition of your dreams. Whatever it is that you’re inquiring about, Danu gives her assurance that you’re in the process of becoming! Now is the time to trust that whatever you have planted, planned, and worked toward is being lovingly birthed; all you need to do is stay with the flow of events and be ready for your next opportunity. Everything has its perfect season. Just as fallow ground carries the promise of new life that appears again in the spring, as if magically bidden from the invisible to the visible, Danu offers her promise of grounded assurance.

Maybe a circumstance in your life is changing, which is exciting and a bit scary, and you are unsure about exactly how to respond.

Wonderful change is afoot in your life when the Hindu goddess Shakti comes to support you. All your longing, desire, and focus on something better in your life, coupled with your willingness to do the work, has ignited the life force energy of the Great Goddess. She responds now to bring you your heart’s desire. Know that now is the perfect time to move into the highest version of yourself.

Are you ready for this change you so badly wanted? Everything depends on how honest and clear you have been, and how willing you are now to explore other ways of being authentic in the world. You have the magical, feminine, divine energy of the creator goddess Shakti to help you when you become open to doing things differently. You are stepping into your destiny—do so wisely and without guile, and you will be amazed at the way your world awakens with breathtaking beauty.

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of the Goddesses

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The Journey of Creating the Goddess Power Oracle Deck

"Consider this deck a love note to you as you do the work of healing and learning and co-creating a more equitable world."

The Goddesses in this deck are meant to be non-traditional representations of their myths and stories. As archetypes of their essential energies; these Goddesses represent aspects within our psyches and so we can see ourselves reflected in them and in what they represent. Seen this way, they are evolving as we are, and they are now called to be seen and experienced in a new way—which empowers us to also break free from the bondage of our old conditioning that no longer serves us.

The journey to creating this deck was profound and not at all what I expected. In October 2017, my publisher asked if I would be interested in doing a goddess-themed oracle card deck. I had talked about this idea on and off for ten years with Jena, the artist and creative partner I work with on all of my decks, but I wasn’t into “the modern goddess” experience, as I perceived it then. I had a lot of work to do.

I began to understand how cut off I had been from the Goddess in my own life, how personally wounded by patriarchy I have been (like all the women in my family), and how that denial was keeping me from the deep grief I held about it all.

I did, however, have to acknowledge my numerous encounters with the goddess Isis, for whom I even named my first all-female rock band, and of course my deep connection to Mary Magdalene (my first music CD was called Magdalene’s Garden) and the goddess culture of Avalon in ancient Britain. That is really my spiritual home, and even as a kid I drew the blue crescent moon of the Avalon priestess on my forehead.

Yet I felt I should know more before fully committing to bring this deck into the world, so I took a deep dive into our prehistory. I fell down the academic research rabbit hole as I discovered how a sophisticated goddess culture and society, predating many of the ones still in existence today, reigned peacefully for 30 thousand years!

The feminine principle of the Universe was deified as a goddess—the Great Goddess—in a system where woman was the creatrix and embodied the principle of Life. The ability to create life was worshipped in a partnership model of society. This information was a portal to something so spiritually profound for me.

Honoring the Goddess through creating this deck became a calling like no other. I said yes—that deep soul-knowing yes—knowing I’d be joining the multitudes of women called to this path. Needless to say, my perception of the whole goddess movement shifted 180 degrees. I think so many of us are called now because it’s time for healing for everyone, without waiting for patriarchy to end.

I channel all my decks, so the Goddesses from ancient cultures picked themselves for inclusion in this deck. I started out with twice as many as I ended up with. The whole experience was so incredible! When the Goddess calls, magic shows up and so does the inner work that calls you to the task. This oracle deck began teaching my whole team before we even finished creating it.

Inclusivity was an important theme for Jena and me while we channeled the Goddesses, and we made conscious choices to mix things up. For example, my friend Ayesha Ophelia, herself a budding author, spiritual teacher, and deck creator, is our Aphrodite and a woman of color. Her interview is featured in the Goddess Real and Raw video series, if you want to know more about her extraordinary story.

Maya is the goddess of illusion in Tibetan and Hindu cultures, the mother of chaos in Scandinavian mythology, and the mother of the Greco-Roman trickster god Hermes/Mercury. To represent this elusive personage we decided to use an albino model, transformed by Jena to remind us that illusion is not necessarily obvious at first sight, and that illusion is not always what we think we see.

Jena and I made our choices with the hope that they will encourage reflection and start conversations. We are so proud to have been the midwives to birth this deck into the world. The Goddess Power Oracle will speak to many of you, and it’s our wish that within each Goddess, you recognize a piece of yourself.

I hope this oracle deck calls to you.

Bright blessings now and always!

The Art

Behind the Scenes - Creating the Art of the Goddess Power Oracle

We have depicted the Goddesses in this oracle deck in a purposefully non-traditional way in order to blur the lines of what’s expected, so these Goddesses can show how their archetypal essence exists in everyone, regardless of culture, and to leave room for an evolving story.

Because the art is digital, based on photographs of real women, their eyes are often rendered to glow with the mystical power of that goddess and to show the otherworldly, eternal light shining from within.

Here’s the story of the artistic decisions that went into the creation of the goddess Kali card. If you look at the card you will see a blue luminosity across her face, and her eyes shine with a blue light. The idea behind this representation was not to give her blue eyes, but to imply the power of the throat chakra and express Kali’s capacity to communicate her message to us. Read on to discover the amazing story of how she came to be in the deck…

The Story of Kali - Hindu goddess of liberation and revolution

I have had an intriguing personal relationship with the goddess Kali for many years. Every once in a while and completely at random, she’d show up in my clients’ readings with messages for them, and I sensed her presence in other personal synchronicities too numerous to share. Even so, I wasn’t sure I’d put her in this deck. My creative partner Jena and I decided the deck needed to be multicultural and non-traditional and so we were searching for goddesses whose myths had a diverse, global resonance. We purposefully looked for lesser-known goddesses from unexpected sources. In addition to these concerns, we were aware that Kali in particular is traditionally depicted in a way we didn’t think we could recreate even if we wanted to.

One Sunday in a coaching session, the amazing transformational coach Nancy Levin took me through an intimate process and the goddess Kali showed up, clear as a bell, in my meditation. She arrived to help to cut the cords between me and an old pattern no longer serving me. Though it was a deep and meaningful interaction, I didn’t take it as a sign to include her in the deck. Ha!

The next day I had my monthly healing session with the extraordinary Lynn Austin. Out of the blue and without any prompting from me, she asked if we could speak about my new oracle deck, saying, “I have a goddess here who claims she needs to be in your deck and she’s been left out.” I was all ears, at this point! “It’s the goddess Kali [imagine me falling out of my chair] and she wants to be in the deck, but she has instructions for how she wants to look. She doesn’t want to be seen with her long red tongue sticking out and all those extra arms and skulls. She wants to appear in her compassionate version. She wants to be fierce and beautiful so we can identify with her energy. She wants to destroy what doesn’t work in life to liberate herself and others.”

I called Jena right away and learned that, freakily enough, she had also dreamed about Kali. Later, when Jena worked on the photograph of the beautiful Indian woman we chose as our model, she went into a trance state in which Kali guided her to represent her in a specific way. The result is probably my favorite card in the deck.

The goddess Athena is another example of our choice to shift perceptions. Although many Hellenic Greeks were blonde, the reason we chose a blonde for a goddess representing knowledge, intellect, and strategy was to challenge the stereotypical “blonde joke” comments women often make about themselves. “Oh God… I am having another blonde moment!” To reclaim the blonde moment for all women, we have a smarty-pants blonde for our Athena card.

I hope you love this Oracle as much as we do. Channeling and dreaming this deck to life with my creative partner Jena profoundly changed us both forever.

May the Great Goddess awaken in you, too.

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