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Experience a magical journey of personal transformation on your time and budget…


A self-paced online course to help you learn more about yourself, take action
on your spiritual goals, and navigate real-life change using Oracle Cards

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If the live Oracle School Experience wasn’t in the cards for you this year…

Do you want to go deeper on your spiritual and personal transformation journey, even though the full Oracle School Experience wasn’t something you could commit to this fall? 

For a limited time, you can now enroll in The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards course and benefit from the same learning materials, home study exercises and guided meditations provided in the full Oracle School Experience, but you won’t have any live teaching calls with Colette, mentor support and guidance, or access to our private Oracle School community.

With The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards course, you can still experience meaningful and tangible changes in your life at your own pace and within your budget.


I’ve been so excited about Personal Mastery. I have enjoyed the new routine, meditating, pulling a card, writing in a journal.

I set the intention to discover my authentic self and live joyfully in that space. I have already discovered some beliefs or habits that create where I am. It’s been fun saying, “that’s interesting”or “Wow, I didn’t know I saw it that way”. Rather than blame, I’m practicing the understanding that I co-created all my experiences. If I want something different I can create it. It’s been fun noticing this. Rather than feeling stuck or trapped by it.

Rickye P.
I have learned so much more about myself, my feelings, deep hidden emotions & childhood wounding that I had suppressed.

Personal Mastery helped me to release that long carried painful baggage that had been slowly eating away at my life force. I am more centered and grounded now. I have more peace and harmony in my life & within myself. It is because of this course that I am my unique authentic self & that I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations but my own. I am free to be me & free to be who I want to be.

Andrea B.
Imagine your life in 5 years …

Are You Consciously Creating The Life You Want To Lead?

Whether you’re a spiritual newbie or a seasoned seeker, we all carry stories, pain and baggage that don’t serve our highest good.

When your beliefs don’t align with how you want to feel, it can eat away your sense of authentic self, leading to suffering and missed opportunities.

Oracle cards offer proof that no matter what you’ve experienced until now, the conscious Universe is waiting to support you. You have more choices than you’ve ever dreamed of, and while life happens on life’s terms, you can take intentional actions to shape how it unfolds.

Through bite-sized video lessons in The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards course, Colette Baron-Reid will teach you how to use Oracle cards to help you discover what makes you tick, what inspires you, and what you need to heal and release. You’ll learn how to courageously create a life you love, full of joy, connection, and inner peace.

By the end of The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards, you’ll know how to harness the wisdom of the cards to fall in love with yourself because you’ll no longer dwell in fear, sadness, guilt and judgment. Instead, you’ll live with soul-deep joy, purpose and love.

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The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards will give you the teaching, tools and inspiration you need to create your life anew

You have big dreams for your life and a greater purpose to discover, but doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result, won’t get you where you need to go.

In this six week, self-guided journey you will…

  • Learn how to use Oracle Cards as a tool to get answers to the questions most on your heart and mind
  • Experience amazing revelations and let go of the fears and thoughts that have been holding you back
  • Face life’s decisions and obstacles with ease and confidence, secure in knowing that your choices serve not only your good but the highest good for all
  • Uncover and accept your true passion and feel crystal clear about the next steps on your unique life journey
  • Finally, let go of the pain, guilt and shame and feel more at peace and in harmony within yourself and your life

Are you ready to start your soul-led journey of personal
transformation and uncover the treasures within you?

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This is my third time through Personal Mastery. I am learning to see my “old friend” cards in a new light.

Just thinking about Colette’s advice, “What ELSE could this card mean?” has made a big difference. I drew Tick Tock and Flexible this week and thought about them in a completely different way. “Flexible” actually directed to me to something from yoga and “Tick Tock” reminded me that I have to keep my intention in mind throughout the day, not just in the morning. I start strong and tend to fade as evening approaches.

I’m so committed to my becoming… I’m ready, oh so ready, to let go of the mindsets that have blocked my progress.

I am so pleased with myself that I’m doing the work that it takes to evolve my mindset to the most healthy version I have ever been in my entire life. I can feel deep down in my core that as I continue to let go of the fears and views about myself, many doors will open up. My beautiful new dance is being created as I do my home play.

Andrea B.


The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards is the Building Block of Your Personal Transformation

Here’s how it works:

The Art of Personal Mastery course is broken into 6 training modules, complete with video lessons, worksheets, transformative exercises, and guided meditations. 

Upon purchase, you get instant access to all of the modules and course materials. As this course is self-paced, you can take as much time as you need to watch the videos, engage with the home study exercises, and listen to the original guided meditations.

What’s included in The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards:

Module 1: Landing in Personal Mastery

  • 8 video lessons that lead you to discover proof that the Universe is and always has been working on your behalf, even when it didn’t feel like it! Now you’ll trust the undeniable evidence happening all around you, all the time.
  • 1 Homeplay exercise to uncover the synchronicities in your life
  • 1 Homeplay exercise to track the energies present in your life through Oracle Cards
  • 2 guided meditations for healing

Module 2: A New Beginning

  • 6 video lessons that teach you how to begin using Oracle Cards as a tool for personal transformation so you are prepared to move forward in life making heart-based choices.
  • 7 journaling prompts to help you discover what needs to change, heal, or be left behind in order to move forward
  • 1 Homeplay exercise to explore the Becoming Spread with the Wisdom of the Oracle deck
  • PDF Download – The Complete Guide to Protection Messages 
  • 1 guided meditation for trusting and releasing

Module 3: Leaving the Comfort Zone

  • 6 video lessons to help you understand the importance of getting neutral and how to use Oracle Cards to help place yourself in a different vantage point so you can respond instead of react. 
  • 1 Homeplay exercise to create a blueprint for the life you desire
  • 2 guided meditations for removing blocks and connecting to your Future Self

Module 4: Universal Laws

  • 6 video lessons to explore the fundamental principles of how you participate in creating your own reality for your highest good. You will learn how to consciously work with the laws to manifest your unique, authentic, and inspired life.
  • Bonus: Relief for Empaths video lessons and exercise resource worksheet
  • 1 Homeplay Exercise to track how your energy impacts your choices
  • 1 Homeplay Exercise with Oracle Card questions for the Laws of the Universe
  • 2 guided meditations to explore the experience of physical resonance and forgiveness

Module 5: Harmony and Coherence

  • 6 video lessons to explore the importance of bringing your thoughts and emotions into harmony and coherence so that you can manifest your highest desires.
  • 1 Homeplay Exercise to practice your desired feeling state
  • 1 Oracle Card exercise to bring you into harmony and align you with your Sacred journey
  • 1 guided meditation to tune into the observer

Module 6: Bringing Your Magic to the World

  • 4 video lessons to wrap up the Personal Mastery so that you can confidently step into your unique, authentic and inspired life and bring your magic to the world!
  • 1 Homeplay Exercise to review your Personal Mastery journey
  • 1 Sacred YES Inner Child exercise
  • 1 sacred altar creation exercise
  • 1 guided meditation for healing


And…we’re throwing in this bonus when you join!

Value: $20

Mindful Meditations Mobile App

Personal Mastery students will receive full access to the Mindful Magic Meditations mobile app. These positive, relaxing meditations guide you through affirmations and vision journeys that help inspire you to realize your inner magic.


This tried-and-true program is more of an experience than a course, and it’s invaluable! But, let’s do the math!

When you enroll in The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards now, you’ll receive…

The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards

$997 value

BONUS! Mindful Meditations App

$20 value

That brings The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards value
to a grand total of $1,017+…

You pay

$1017 VALUE


One Payment of

$397 USD

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Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be COMPLETELY delighted with your learning experience. Register now with the assurance that you’ll have 7 days from the purchase date to make sure it’s right for you.

Just let us know within 7 days of your purchase via email, and we’ll cancel your access — no questions asked!


How is this course different from The Oracle School Experience?

The Oracle School Experience is a 7-month transformational journey from the inside out and is broken up into three experiences: The Personal Mastery Experience, The Integration Experience, and The Shared Wisdom Experience. The 7-month Oracle School Experience is taught live by Colette Baron-Reid once per year and includes 17 live teaching calls with Colette, trained Oracle School mentor guidance and support, and a private Oracle School student community.

The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards course is a six-week self-guided study through the Personal Mastery course materials. This course includes the same learning modules, exercises, and guided meditations provided in The Personal Mastery portion of The Oracle School Experience, but without the live teaching calls with Colette, mentor support, or access to the private Oracle School student community. With the Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards course, you can still experience meaningful and tangible changes in your life on your schedule and within your budget.

How much is The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards?

You get access to Personal Mastery for a one-time payment of $397. You’ll have access to the program indefinitely, including any updates.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

Try it out, and if it’s not for you, simply email our customer service team and we’ll issue a full refund — no questions asked. We believe you’ll know if it’s the right next step for you.

How exactly does the course work?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a link to join the online Learning Platform. You’ll have immediate access to the welcome module, materials and modules. 

You can work on the coursework whenever your schedule allows. There are six modules that each build on each other.

Do I get live calls with Colette?

There are no live calls with Colette in this version of the course. If you are interested in joining the full Oracle School Experience, click here to join the waitlist to find out when enrollment is open again!

Do I have to be online at any specific time?

No. This course has no live classes like the full Oracle School Experience. The Art of Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards and is completely self-study. You can watch the videos and do the homeplay whenever your schedule allows, and you’ll have lifetime access to the course.

Do I have to be intuitive or work as a professional psychic to enroll in Personal Mastery?

Absolutely not! Personal Mastery is not specific to intuitive arts professionals – although many choose to join us. Personal Mastery is for people who want to consciously and deliberately create their own reality for the highest good, in partnership with the Universe. We ALL have inherent magic within us and Personal Mastery is designed to help you connect with the Divine energies that are all around you (which everyone has the ability to access). Whether you’re brand new to the intuitive world, or you’re an old pro, Personal Mastery will help you gain confidence in reading the cards – and access a deeper connection to your Higher Power.

I’m a total newbie and don’t know much about Oracle Cards – will this work for me?

Yes! Just keep an open mind, and be willing to explore the magic. The Art Personal Mastery Through Oracle Cards will help you gain the confidence to understand what the cards are offering – a deeper and more profound connection to your Higher Power (your manifesting partner). This is a course that is presented in a way that is user-friendly for both newcomers and experienced people alike.

Still have questions about the program?

Email [email protected] with any questions.

What People Are Saying



It’s Time To Decide …

If you’ve read this far, there’s definitely something in you calling out for “more.”

And you owe it to yourself to honor the whispers from your soul, “This! This might be what you’ve been searching for!”

The last few years have been full of uncertainty, but I also know this– this time of transition is ripe for transformation, and that’s why I want you to experience what’s available to you through Personal Mastery. 

Personal Mastery is like passing through a portal from the land of black-and-white to the full technicolor version, complete with ruby slippers and fairy dust!

Joy, abundance, miracles, clarity, belonging … it’s all waiting for you.

But you have to be willing to meet your Higher Power halfway.

In any quest, there comes a moment when the hero must step out in faith. That’s what’s being asked of you now… to trust in yourself, in the process, and in your soul, that you are deserving of all that the Universe has to offer you.

When I finally accepted my spiritual calling and committed whole-heartedly to living out my highest intentions, I went from down and out to empowered, happy and proud to get up every day and make a meaningful contribution to the world. 

You can do it, too.

Something inside of you is stirring and ready to awaken. Will you answer the call? 

Love you always and forever!

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